September 29, 2022

Spud Shortage Emerges In Idaho As Prices Surge At Supermarkets

The next meals insecurity problem that may impact the way Americans eat is surely an emerging potato shortage that began last year when yields were depressed due to a heatwave, according to  Boise State Public Radio.   “ I’ m not sure in case you remember last June, yet we had some just  extremely hot temperatures here in Idaho. It did […]#@@#@!!

The next foods insecurity problem that may influence the way Americans eat could be an emerging potato shortage that will began last year when produces were depressed due to a heatwave, according to  Boise State Public Radio .  

“ I am just not sure if you remember last June, but we had a few just  unbelievably hot temperatures within Idaho. It did a  number on our potato crop, ” Jamey Higham, president and CEO from the Idaho Potato Commission, told the Idaho-based media wall socket. “ And so, our yields were significantly down a year ago . ”

Boise State Open public Radio pointed out that last year’s potato crop cycle ought to last through August, though the lack of the starchy veggie has already presented consumers along with higher prices at the supermarket.

“ There is not a gap. There are just  less taters being shipped right now   than there normally are usually this time of year because of the  shorter supply  that we started the season with, ” said Higham.

He stated Idaho produced the most taters in the county last year, and what happens to crop yields in the state will influence prices across the country.  

“ Since the fresh market goes, the grocery stores – your Albertsons,   Walmart , WinCo, that stuff –   it is not just Idaho that may be having high prices at this time. It’s the other states too . ”

Higham expects potato prices to remain high through the remaining year.  

“ I actually don’t anticipate these costs staying high long term. And when harvest gets underway, it’ll return down into a better spot.   But I do expect costs to be strong all calendar year this year . ”

The local media outlet noted:   But it is still rather weird to be in Idaho of all locations, and there’s a shortage associated with potatoes. ”

… and all this means is more pressure on consumers’ pocketbooks who’ve seen  grocery inflation strike the highest levels since 1979 .  

Another shortage that could potentially emerge is beer as northern  Mexico runs out of water . In case you didn’t know, Mexico is responsible for 76% of all the beer imported by the US last year (most of it’s produced in the northern part of the country).

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