October 1, 2022

Iran state media threatens ex-president and ex-Secretary of Condition with attacks as they praise fanatic who stabbed Salman Rushdie in the neck

‘It has become the turn of Trump and Pompeo’

Iran’s state media has warned  Donald Trump  and  Mike Pompeo  that they are following in line, following the stabbing upon Friday of Sir  Salman Rushdie.

The Kayhan newspaper, in whose editor is personally selected by Iran’s Supreme Innovator, Ayatollah Ali Khamenei, announced in a front page story published on Sunday that after Rushdie ‘ it is now the turn of Trump and Pompeo’.

The editorial stated, according to  The Everyday Telegraph : ‘ God has taken his revenge upon Rushdie. The attack upon him shows it is not a hard job to take similar revenge on Trump and Pompeo and from now on they will really feel more in danger for their lives. ‘

Rushdie, a 75-year-old British-American author, was speaking on stage in the Chautauqua Institution in western New York when 24-year-old Hadi Matar rushed onto system and stabbed Rushdie as much as ten times.

Matar, born in the US to Lebanese mother and father, was quickly detained and charged with attempted killing. His mother told DailyMail. com he became taken after visiting Lebanon in 2018, but she got no idea he was radicalized, and she now disowned him.

The threats against the former president and his former secretary of condition are not new.

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