October 1, 2022

Mothers Pushing Transgenderism on Kids Seek ‘Mama Bear Crusade’

Many parents are running for  school boards,   home schooling, and even pushing for a legal crackdown to  defend  their children from transgender, queer, and other sexual activists in the classroom. But some parents, particularly moms, seem to be whole-heartedly embracing the concept their children are fully capable of deciding what sex these are — and some even motivate such behavior, […]#@@#@!!

Many parents are operating for  school planks ,   home schooling , and even pushing to get a legislative crackdown to  defend   youngsters from transgender, queer, along with other sexual activists in the class room.

But some parents, particularly mothers, appear to be whole-heartedly embracing the idea that their children are fully capable of choosing what sex they are — and some even encourage such behavior, as evidenced simply by recent news stories.

In June, the  Today Show   ran   a story about a nine-year-old boy who believes he could be a girl. His mother can be seen mouthing her son’s terms as he answered the reporter’s questions as if she knew what he was going to state ahead of time.

The child’s mother, Beth Clawson,   told  CBS News within July that her child has supposedly taken any in politics and even wrote a letter to Indianapolis lawmakers about a bill that will bar boys from playing girls’ sports.

“ She’s listened to every single thing that the senators plus representatives have said about her – positive and negative, ” Clawson stated, essentially admitting that the lady exposes her child in order to transgender politics. “ She is tougher than we are, I think. ”

Another story went viral last week,   showing   a mother plus grandma helping a four-year-old child hold a “ gender reveal” at the  Vancouver Pride Parade in Canada.

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