September 29, 2022

Roger Stone Responds to Mar-a-Lago Raid & FBI Seizure of his Pardon Files – Watch The VIDEO YouTube Doesn’t Want You to Notice!

‘I was among the few Americans who can understand the feeling of infringement President Trump and previous First Lady Melania Trump must feel’

Roger Stone released this article exclusively with The Gateway Pundit.

Late last week, I was evaluated on Sean Hannity’s FOX TV show regarding the stunning F raid on President Donald Trump’s home, Mar-a-Lago just days before.

Having been the target of the early dawn FBI raid on my own home by twenty nine SWAT-clad FBI agents brandishing M4 fully automatic attack rifles on January 25th, 2019 to arrest me for the entirely fabricated “ crime” of lying to Congress, I am among the few Americans who can understand the feeling of violation President Trump and former First Female Melania Trump must feel, as in the raid upon my home FBI brokers went through every inch of the Trump’s living space.

As was the case in the Trump raid, FBI agencies arrived by both land and sea forcing their particular way into the front door but also arriving on amphibious units as Mar-a-Lago back onto Lake Worth.

You won’t be able to find my interview on YouTube where FOX regularly posts all Hannity’s excellent and hard-hitting programs. That’s because YouTube has banned me for life and will even take down the particular page of any news outlet that dares to publish an interview with me, as lately happened with WABC stereo in New York.

Here is the interview Youtube . com does not want you to see :

In order to his credit, Hannity posted our interview to each his personal Twitter and Facebook pages where they got broad viewership.

Your day after the Mar-a-Lago raid it was revealed that among the files taken by the FBI was your original act of Presidential Clemency extended to me simply by President Donald Trump.

I have no knowledge why the documents related to the clemency granted to me simply by President Trump appear on the particular inventory of items seized from the former President’s house at Mar-a-Lago.   Our commutation and pardon had been acts of both mercy and justice extended simply by President Trump over two years ago in a completely lawful and appropriate manner. I am grateful that the president regarded the fabricated nature of both the charges against me and my conviction within a corrupted trial.

I do have my accusations, however. Hillary Clinton, Congressman Jerry Nadler, Adam Schiff, Hakeem Jeffries, and Erik Swalwell have all falsely insisted that my pardon has been part of a “ dodgy bargain” in which I agreed to maintain my silence about nonexistent misdeeds by Chief executive Trump in return for a pardon. The fact that there is not a scintilla of evidence to confirm anything of the kind certainly not gets in the way of the bogus news narrative promulgated  simply by these criminals.

In fact , between the time which i was charged on January 25th, 2019 and the commutation of my sentence upon July 10th, 2020, I had no contact, directly or indirectly, with President Trump regarding my case or any other matter.

As the obvious anti-Trump bias of trial judge Amy Berman Jackson and the legendary corruption of jury forewoman Tomeka Hart, as well as the ham-handed attempt by prosecuters in order to railroad me became more apparent, President Trump produced the right  —   and completely legal  — decision to both travel the death sentence I was handed and to ultimately problem an unconditional presidential pardon. No legal flaw is going to be found in this courageous work of justice.

Sadly, once again, this will result in more legal bills for me as the deep state can never get over the fact that, by the grace of God and the bravery and strength of Chief executive Donald Trump I steered clear of the deadly snare established for me by Robert Mueller and Adam Schiff. Nor will I be silenced in the ongoing struggle over the future of our country.

Patriots who want to assist Roger can go to  StoneDefenseFund. com

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