October 3, 2022

Simply 29 of 142 NHS Hospitals Refer to Pregnancy as Exclusively Biological Female Concern

Other people use terms like “birthing people” or “pregnant people. “

A Freedom info Act request has revealed that just 29 of the 124 NHS hospitals in England with maternity units still exclusively use the words “ woman” or “ mother” to refer to pregnancy, whilst all the others include terms such as “ birthing people” or “ pregnant individuals. ”

The FOIA request, submitted by the Daily Mail, also found that 15 out of that will remaining 29 are considering modifying their language to pander to woke transgender lobbyists.

That would depart just 14 maternity devices in the entire country that still refer to pregnancy by solely referring to biological women.

Despite declining to acknowledge whether or not just one of their patients has recognized as anything other than a woman, Epsom and St Helier College Hospitals told the paper that they use the phrase “ women and birthing people” to become as “ inclusive and representative as possible. ”

Liverpool Women’s Medical center admitted that it has never recorded a single transgender patient utilizing their maternity services, but proceeded to go ahead and gave the language a woke makeover anyway.

Meanwhile, hospitals in Southampton are usually tactically avoiding the word “ woman” entirely by explaining the process in the second person as “ you” and “ your pregnancy. ”

The NHS, celebrated by the left as some kind of religious institution, is practically beyond criticism in the UK despite the fact that it is notoriously unfit just for purpose.

Once we highlighted back in June, the particular NHS caused controversy simply by erasing all references in order to women from an online help and advice section about the menopause, a good exclusively female condition.

During the same month, which by no chance was also ‘ Pride Month’, the NHS website altered its guidance pages upon ovarian cancer, removing instances of the word “ women” in the move that sources mentioned was intended to be more “ inclusive” toward trans, non-binary and intersex people.

NHS hospitals have started asking clearly male patients if they are pregnant prior to procedures in order to pander in order to woke language policing, as the term “ breastfeeding” has been changed to “ chestfeeding” in some instances.

And all this is funded by the taxpayer!

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