October 2, 2022

Twitter Bans Women Who Lamented About ‘Transgender’ Rugby Player Competing Against 16-Year-Old Ladies

Regard the pronouns.

After a biological male in his 30’s who recognizes as a transgender woman has been allowed to compete in a Gaelic soccer final against 16-year-old girls, women who complained about it had their balances banned by Twitter.

The transgender in question, Giulia Valentino, is really a balding man who moved to Dublin from Italy and has previously advocated for ladies sport to allow transgenders in order to compete as well as complaining about not being able to use female changing areas.

As the image above shows, Valentino clearly has an unfair physical advantage over the female players however was allowed to compete in any case for Na Gaeil Aeracha, which describes itself because Ireland’s “ first explicitly LGBTQ+ inclusive” football club.

After Na Gaeil Aeracha won the 2022 Junior J Shield tournament with ease, critics were censored for questioning Valentino’s involvement.



“ I think it is preposterous. Twitter clearly has its agenda and considers this particular to be hate speech. Absolutely bonkers, ” one female told the Daily Mail.

“ Apparently many individuals have had their balances locked or suspended by merely pointing out the scientific truth. ”

Some had their particular accounts locked, but many were banned outright for contacting Valentino a man.

“ The women who have been suspended from Twitter are the most recent in a long line of females – and some men – who have been banned from the social networking platform for stating the truth, ” said Women’s Correct Network’s Heather Binning.

Another person expressed issue that Valentino could have even hurt the other girls, provided his clearly dominant physicality.

“ I quit team sports activities when I started feeling unpleasant with the male environment… In fact, I am playing rugby with a women’s team, and it is the first team experience following the transition, ” Valentino formerly stated.

However , there is no evidence that he provides actually had any changeover surgery.

Based on Reduxx, “ Valentino performs at fetish clubs under the moniker DJ Mav plus identifies himself as a “ trans dyke. ”


“ Many of the photos on Valentino’s social media are of him in explicit fetish gear, or posing on stripper poles or within highly sexual venues. ”

Naturally, who have could have expected anything else?

As we previously highlighted , back in June, Rugby’s international regulating body banned transgender sports athletes from competing in women’s matches.

Gee, I wonder why?

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