October 1, 2022

Birkenstock boston Children’s Hospital: Children Know They Are Trans ‘the Moment They Were Born’

The harrowing video from the Birkenstock boston Children’ s Hospital states that children can realize that they are transgender “ from the minute they were born, virtually. ” The  video was  made  by Dr . Jeremi Carswell, the Director from the Gender Multispeciality Service at the Boston Children’ s Hospital.   “ Playing with the contrary gender toys” is a sign your child is transgender. That’ s exactly […]#@@#@!!

A harrowing video from the Boston Children’s Hospital claims that children can know that they may be transgender “ from the moment they were born, practically. ”

The  video was  produced   by Dr . Jeremi Carswell, the Movie director of the Gender Multispeciality Provider at the Boston Children’s Hospital.  

The Boston Children’s Hospital is associated with Harvard University and was the first to determine a clinic that specifically focused on “ transgender health” in a pediatric setting.  

In the video clip, Carswell makes the startling claim that “ A child will often realize that they are transgender from the moment they have any ability to express themselves. ” She continues and doubles down, remarking, “ They will knew from the minute these were born, practically. ”

Breitbart News previously  revealed   that Carswell has received thousands of dollars in compensation to get consulting on behalf of Endo Pharmaceuticals, a company that makes a medication that is used off-label as a puberty blocker for children who are considered to be transgender.  

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