October 6, 2022

CIA & Former Director Paul Pompeo Sued For Spying On Julian Assange’s Greater london Visitors

Attorneys claim Assange visitors had electronic device data sent to CIA

A lawsuit submitted on Monday claims the US Central Intelligence Agency (CIA) and its former Director Paul Pompeo illegally spied upon journalists, attorneys and other individuals who met with WikiLeaks founder Julian Assange while he stayed at the Ecuadorian Embassy in London, England.

Named as plaintiffs within the lawsuit are journalists Charles Glass and John Goetz as well as attorneys Margaret Kunstler and Deborah Hrbek, who have previously represented Assange.

Richard Roth, lead attorney for the plaintiffs, told the push , “ The United States Cosmetic shields American citizens from Oughout. S. government overreach even when the activities take place in a international embassy in a foreign nation. ”

The particular suit explains, “ Just before their visits [with Assange] each visitor had been required to surrender his or her electronics, e. g. smartphones, laptops etc . to employees of Defendant Undercover Global (UC Global). ”

The private Spanish protection company UC Global and it is director David Morales are named as defendants in the lawsuit.

Continuing, the plaintiffs claim UC Global copied the data on their devices without their consent or knowledge and without the particular approval of the Ecuadorian federal government.

After allegedly copying the data found on the electronics of the visitors, the court document says UC Worldwide “ provided that information towards the Defendant United States Central Cleverness Agency (‘ CIA’) after that headed by Defendant Michael Pompeo. ”

Other than journalists and Assange’s attorneys, the lawsuit information the clandestine data-gathering broken the rights “ associated with well over 100 American citizens who else visited Assange at the Ecuadorian Embassy in London, England throughout his sanctuary. ”

Of course , the contents of the phones and laptop computers belonging to the WikiLeaks founder’s lawyers would naturally include confidential information that falls under attorney-client privilege.

In addition to collecting the data from the electronics of Assange website visitors, UC Global allegedly planted listening products in the embassy and sent the CIA audio recordings along with footage from embassy security cameras.

“ Defendant Pompeo was aware of and authorized the copying of information contained on plaintiffs’ mobile electronics and the surreptitious audio checking of their meetings with Assange, ” the suit claims.

Assange is  currently facing extradition through the UK to the US, where he has been charged with violating the US Espionage Act regarding publishing documents and video clips in 2010 related to misconduct throughout the Afghanistan and Iraq wars.

Click on the image below to read the entire lawsuit as filed within the Southern District of New York.

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