September 29, 2022

Congressman: “Tyranny” Is Coming “Right Into Everyone’s Living Room Super Shortly”

“This is about intimidating anyone who refuses to bend the leg to the narrative”

GOP Pa Representative Scott Perry warned Sunday that everyday People in america should now plan for “ tyranny” to enter their own homes in the form of federal brokers if they refuse to play wonderful with the authorities.

Perry, the House Freedom Caucus chair, revealed the way the FBI recently seized their phone, just hours following the feds raided President Trump’s Mar-a-Lago complex.

“ A day after the raid on the president’s home FBI agents showed up when I had been traveling with my family, my spouse and our two young children, my in-laws, extended family, ” Perry stated within an appearance on Fox Information.

The Congressman related how the feds “ showed up and demanded my cell phone they said they were likely to image it they were never going to search it and after which they eventually did come back it. ”  

Perry, who rests on the House Foreign Affairs Committee, further declared to “ have always supported law enforcement. I always have, we now have revered the FBI, but this is an abuse of strength. ”

“ There’s been no accountability, ”   Perry continued, explaining that “ James Comey, the director of the FBI used classified information improperly to get a second special advice, no, no, no accountability for that. ”

“ Whether it’s John Eastman, whether it’s Scott Perry, be it President Trump, and with transferring a bill that will pay for employing of 87, 000 IRS agents, tyranny is going to come right into everyone’s living room really, very shortly, ” Perry proclaimed.

As the 87, 000 figure is certainly disputed, the Senate a week ago approved nearly $80 billion in IRS funding , with $45. 6 billion for “ enforcement”.

“ This is about intimidating anyone that refuses to bend the knee to the narrative, ” the Congressman further warned.

“ This is an abuse of power, ” Perry claimed, “ and of course they may using these taxes tactics in order to intimidate people to coerce people. ”

Talking about Hillary Clinton, Perry said “ People that BleachBit their their phones and strike him with hammers, break them with hammers and those forms of things have something to hide. People that keep the same cell phone a year and a half after the selection aren’t worried about what’s on the phone, and so that’s myself, but apparently they want to eliminate me politically. ”

“ Anybody that does not bend the knee, it’s not intimidated, that isn’t parroting the narrative is now subject to these kind of third world Banana Republic tactics politically, ” Perry pressured.

Elsewhere throughout the interview, Perry told audiences that “ It should be quite apparent to anybody that’s been alive for the past 5 years that the Biden family is completely compromised by the Communist Party of China. ”

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