September 28, 2022

London Sex Change Clinic For Kids Shut Down And Sued By 1000 Families

Are you a child suffering from gender dysphoria and in require of puberty blocking chemicals?   Well, according to the Tavistock Gender Identity Clinic working in london, most little kids need them.   And, these people operated with impunity from 1983 until this past month.   The clinic has been shut down by the NHS as investigations mount plus […]#@@#@!!

Are you currently a child suffering from gender dysphoria and in need of puberty blocking chemicals?  

Properly, according to the Tavistock Gender Identity Clinic in London, most little kids need them.   And, they operated along with impunity from 1983 until this past month.   The clinic has recently been power down by the NHS as research mount and public outcry grows over allegations that Tavistock was haphazardly figuring out children with gender identification disorder even when they were regular.

With the concept of transsexuality being widely promoted by the corporate media, leftist parents, public school teachers and several western governments, it’s no wonder so many children are starting to think that they need to join the trend and signal their virtue.   In general, most children make the adults around them happy and the pressure in order to conform to gender identity trends is immense.  

Tavistock, the only sex and sex change clinic in Britain, went through treating around 130 child patients per year in 2010 to  treating nearly 2400 in 2021 .   In fact , the clinic has been facing overwhelming demand intended for services by the time it was lastly shut down, and numerous proponents associated with sex change treatment regarding children argued that A LOT MORE clinics like Tavistock might soon be needed.  

What changed in the past decade?   Not the proportion of people born with sex dysphoria; that would be statistically unattainable.   The only thing that has changed is that Trans identity politics are actually a fad and teenagers are being specifically targeted along with trans propaganda.  

The controversy around Tavistock deepened in 2020, when the center was taken to court by Keira Bell, a former patient, who contended she had been too youthful to consent to the medical treatment overseen by the GIDS that began her female-to-male transition as a teenager. Bell gained her initial case however it was overturned on charm, with the court of charm reaffirming the principle of Gillick competence that “ it was for doctors instead of judges to decide on the capacity of the person under 16 in order to consent to medical treatment. ”    

In other words, it’s up to the exact same doctors that have a political agenda and stand to make considerable money by conning children and teens in to believing they are trans.   These doctors, with no technology whatsoever to back their claims on gender identity, are the people that get to evaluate if your child needs gender affirmations drugs or surgeries in the UK.  

Tavistock’s shut down reaffirms the growing concerns among the public about the deceptive character of gender ideology and the fact that children with no genuine understanding of sexuality have been mutilated chemically and physically in the name of political cultism rather than individual health.   It has been recently revealed that the clinic is also facing a massive lawsuit of at least  one thousand families of former patients   and the list can be expanding daily.  

Much like abortion physicians, gender affirmation doctors seem much more preoccupied with political activism than fulfilling the particular principles and demands of their own profession.   Beyond the particular temptation for such doctors to exploit unwitting and underage patients in order to make large sums of money through government grants or loans and insurance payoffs, there is also the temptation to unnaturally inflate the demand meant for sex change services in an effort to fabricate “ proof” that will gender politics are because pervasive as they assert.  

In other words, brainwash people when they are young and they will grow up to join the particular cult when they are adults.   It’s about production a destructive political motion by manufacturing consent.   Get them to commit to  irreversible gender reassignment as children and maybe are going to trapped within the leftist fold for the rest of their lives.   The Tavistock Clinic is now closed, yet there are more of these centers across the western world and the gigantic nature of their mission nevertheless has not been adequately addressed.      

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