October 2, 2022

Mass Shooting at Six Red flags in Illinois

Three shot in latest amusement park chaos

Three people were shot near the front entrance parking lot of Six Flags Great America within Gurnee, Illinois, law enforcement officials state.

The particular shooting occurred as the park was closing. Police plus ambulances arrived at the scene shortly after.

Based on police, the victims’ injuries are not believed to be life threatening. The park has considering that been evacuated. Police continue to be searching the park for more victims and the shooter, who has not been apprehended on press time.

Social media posts showcased the chaotic situation, with video clips showing park goers crouching and hiding where they previously were standing in series.

Other video clips showed people trying to get away the park, attempting to pull down a locked door covered in barbed cable.

One source told  FOX 32 Chicago   that the shooting might have been a drive-by shooting instead of an active-shooter situation.

This latest shooting comes after a string associated with shootings have rocked area, including one last 30 days in Highland Park, Illinois, a mere fifteen miles through Gurnee.

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