September 28, 2022

Movie: Dad Claims Doctor Asked His 3-year-old Son ‘Are You A Boy Or A Girl? ’ During Routine Checkup

“Some days, my child thinks he’s a dinosaur. But I’m not going to let him transition to a dinosaur. “

Within a now viral video posted to Tik Tok, a father in California states that a paediatrician asked their 3-year-old son what sex he believed he has been during a routine checkup.

“ So my wife and I are waiting in the room with our son and the doctor comes in, and he sees my son sitting generally there at the table and the 1st question that he asks him is, ‘ are you the boy or are you a lady? ‘”   the father claimed.

The father continued, “ So fortunately my son understands obvious tenets of biology with 3 years old and says that he’s a son, just like his chart says. ”

“ The rest of the appointment I didn’t want to even focus because I’m wondering why in the world this person is asking the question. Then I remembered, ‘ oh yeah, I live in  California, ‘” the man added.  

He then mentioned a case in Ohio where “ a couple lost custody of their teenager for refusing them hormone treatment, ” he said, sharing a write-up headline from the  Washington Times   that read “ Religious parents lose custody of transgender teen for neglecting hormone treatment. ”

“ Call me personally paranoid but this is where I believe we’re heading based on other activities that have happened, ” the daddy urges in the video.

He also reported a  BBC News   report headlined “ Texas parents fight in court for custody of transgender child. ”

“ Many are saying that the new proposed Equality Respond could lead to more parents dropping custody of their kids who would like gender transition, ” the daddy further claimed in the video clip.

He concluded, “ So again contact me paranoid but Now i am wondering if the doctor’s wondering of the question to my boy to see if he can establish a pattern over time that implies that my son wants to be a girl. But here’s the one thing, my son is a few. I’m not even going to allow him to choose what he desires for dinner. And some days, the son thinks he’s a dinosaur. But I’m not going to let him transition to a dinosaur. ”


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