October 1, 2022

The german language Official Trashes Cost of Living Protesters as “Enemies of the State”

Says they’re extremists who want to overthrow the government.

A top German official has trashed people who may be planning to protest against energy blackouts as “ enemies of the state” and “ extremists” who want to overthrow the government.

The inside minister of the German condition of North Rhine-Westphalia (NRW), Herbert Reul (CDU), says that anti-mandatory vaxx plus anti-lockdown demonstrators have found a brand new cause – the energy problems.

In an interview with German news electric outlet NT, Reul revealed that will German security services were keeping an eye on “ extremists” who seem to plan to infiate the protests and stage violence, with all the unrest being planned with the Telegram messenger app, which German authorities have previously tried to ban.

“ You can already tell from those who are out there, ” said Reul. “ The particular protesters no longer talk about coronavirus or vaccination. But they are actually misusing people’s worries and fears in other fields. (… ) It’s almost something similar to new enemies of the state that are establishing themselves. ”

Despite the extremely real threat of possible blackouts, strength grid failures and gas shortages, Reul claimed such issues had been feeding “ conspiracy theory narratives. ”

However , it’s no “ conspiracy theory” that Germans across the country have been panic purchasing stoves, firewood and electric powered heaters as the government informs them thermostats will be limited to 19C in public structures and that sports arenas plus exhibition halls will be used as ‘ warm up spaces’ this winter to help freezing citizens who are unable to afford skyrocketing energy bills.

As Remix News reports , blaming right-wing conspiracy theorists for the crisis caused by Germany’s sanctions on Russia and is taking once life dependence on green energy can be quite rich.

“ Reul, like the country’s federal government interior minister, Nancy Faeser, is attempting to tie right-wing ideology and protests towards Covid-19 policies to any potential protests in the winter. ”

“ While some for the right, such as the Alternative meant for Germany (AfD), have pressured that the government’s sanctions towards Russia are the primary element driving the current energy turmoil, they have not advocated an “ overthrow” of the govt. Instead, they have stressed the necessity to restart the Nord Flow 2 pipeline, end energy sanctions against Russia, plus push for a peaceful way to end the war. ”

Indeed, energy shortages and the cost of living turmoil are issues that are of major concern to everyone, no matter where they are on the politics spectrum.

To claim that people worried about heating their homes and placing food on the table this winter season are all “ enemies of the state” is an utter outrage.

As we highlighted last week, the president of the Thuringian Office for the Defense of the Constitution, Stephan Kramer, said energy crisis riots would make anti-lockdown unrest look like a “ children’s birthday celebration. ”

“ Mass protests and riots are just as conceivable as concrete acts of violence against things and people, as well as classic terrorism to destruction it, ” Kramer told ZDF.

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