September 28, 2022

White House Climate Science Movie director Sanctioned And Barred With the National Academy of Sciences

For “clear violations of the fundamental tenets of research”

A senior Whitened House climate advisor continues to be sanctioned by the National School of Sciences for violating its ethics policies.

Axios  reports that will Jane Lubchenco, the deputy director for climate plus environment at the White House Office of Science plus Technology Policy, has been taken up by the NAS regarding editing a paper later found to contain technical errors, as well as having worked with all the scientists involved in it, certainly one of which turned out to be her brother-in law.

Lubchenco  was found to get violated NAS Code of Conduct Area 3 , which claims that “ NAS associates shall avoid those harmful research practices that are very clear violations of the fundamental tenets of research. ”

The section also notes “ Members must be fair and objective expert reviewers, maintain confidentiality when requested, promptly move to right the literature when mistakes in their own work are detected, include all worthy authors on publications, and give appropriate credit to earlier work in citations. ”

Axios notes that Lubchenco commented “ I accept these sanctions for my error in judgment in editing a document authored by some of our research collaborators — an error for which I have publicly stated my regret. ”

The report furthermore notes that GOP Associates Frank Lucas of Oklahoma, Stephanie Bice of Oklahoma and Jay Obernolte of California published an open letter in February calling for the White House to ” consider whether Dr . Lubchenco’s leading role in the Administration’s scientific integrity efforts undermines public confidence in future policy decisions. ”

The Republicans also noted that “ Being an editor at the Proceedings from the National Academy of Sciences (PNAS), Dr . Lubchenco exhibited a clear disregard for guidelines meant to prevent conflicts of interest in publishing peer-reviewed research. ”

“ Now, Dr . Lubchenco will be playing a leading role within developing and overseeing this Administration’s best practices for technological integrity. Her violation of one of the core tenets associated with scientific integrity makes the girl current leadership role quite troubling, ” the GOP reps. added.

Lubchenco is still inhabiting the role at the White Home and has been tweeting and retweeting material related to the particular so called eco-friendly energy ‘ transition’:

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