October 1, 2022

Alex Jones Responds to Experts of His Demands That Trump Come Out Against Fatal Covid Vax

‘Kissing Trump’s ass doesn’t get his attention, ‘ Jones said

Upon Wednesday, Alex Jones told his audience he can not support Donald Trump within the next election unless the 45th President warns the American public about the dangers associated with experimental Covid jabs.

The Infowars founder suggested he’d assistance Florida’s Republican Governor Ron DeSantis instead of Trump due to the fact DeSantis has been better on battling the establishment when it comes to Covid shots.

On Thursday, Jones responded to those who reached out or responded online to his information for Trump, telling all of them why he is drawing the queue in the sand.

“ I attacked Trump yesterday because kissing his ass doesn’t get their attention. He’s already ended promoting the poison shot… now he needs to turn out against it, ” this individual explained.

The rant captured the attention of mainstream mass media outlets such as The Daily Beast and Business Insider who were quick to declare Jones abandoned or turned on Trump.

View the original Jones rant in which he criticized Trump’s stance to the clot shots.

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