September 29, 2022

Censorship Update: Facebook Bans Libs of TikTok, YouTube Suspends Steven Crowder

The establishment continues its war on free speech

Big Tech continues its mission to silence alternative mass media by suspending the strike comedy and politics podcasting ‘ Louder With Crowder’ from YouTube and permanently removing left-wing watchdog Libs of TikTok from Facebook.

Steven Crowder announced on Wed that YouTube removed his channel’s interview with His party Arizona gubernatorial candidate Kari Lake.

As seen in the notice sent by YouTube, the company stated, “ we think” the post violates its misinformation policy.

Along with the removal of the video, the channel is also prohibited from posting for a 7 days.

In response to the attack on totally free speech, Crowder and River doubled down by doing another interview on Thursday.

View Crowder’s banned interview along with Kari Lake below:

Also, don’t miss Lake’s latest appearance on ‘ Louder With Crowder. ‘

An additional popular conservative social media accounts, Libs of TikTok, has been banned from Facebook on Wednesday.

Getting to Twitter while these people still can, the person working the page announced Fb suspended the account completely without providing a reason.

Despite failing to state grounds for the censorship, Facebook likely made the decision in response to Libs associated with TikTok recently focusing the attention on the Boston Children’s Hospital.

The page has been exposing hospitals throughout America for openly promoting transgender surgeries to underage children.

The account published an article on Thursday explaining, “ Media Matters has also been after me. They  campaigned for Shopify to ban me   and are openly calling meant for Twitter to suspend me personally. ”

“ I’m not backing down, ” Libs of TikTok wrote. “ The harder they try to shut myself down, the harder I fight to expose them. Just about anybody, they’re not mad with me — they’re furious that you are being shown the fact of their radical agenda. I want your support now as part of your so I can continue to expose them despite their relentless assaults. ”

Naturally , Infowars and Alex Jones were at the forefront of the establishment’s censorship agenda and were banned in order to established the precedent that will ultimately be used to completely destroy every opposing voices.

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