October 2, 2022

Exclusive Report: They Are Coming To suit your needs!

The elite want to turn the mafia against the average person

The legacy mass media has been tasked by their overlords to annihilate anyone plus everyone standing in the way of the ‘ you will own nothing and be happy’ agenda.

Congress has signed off on legislation increasing INTERNAL REVENUE SERVICE agents with deadly energy and countless rounds associated with ammunition that will make the George Floyd debacle look like a stroll in the park.

And as more Americans and small business owners are murdered in their homes by plenty of millennials, free speech will be brought to heel under the jackboot of tyranny increasing its ugly head for any to see.

The sands in the hourglass are few and the crossroads are in front of us.

We must rise because our founders did plus reclaim our birthright or do nothing and perish into the sands of time.

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