October 2, 2022

Organic News Releases Post-Vaccine Clog ICP-MS Elemental Analysis Results, Comparing Clots to Individual Blood … Findings Disclose These Clots are NOT “Blood” Clots

According to demanding analysis based on excess dying data, there are currently about 10, 000 people about to die each day from covid vaccines.

( Natural News ) We are now releasing ICP-MS lab test results that will compare the elemental structure of human blood to the elemental composition of a clog sample taken from the body of a person who received a covid vaccination and then subsequently passed away.

This clot was provided by embalmer Richard Hirschman, and these clots are being widely documented in the bodies of people who have “ died suddenly” in the weeks or months right after receiving one or more covid shots.

According to rigorous analysis based on excess loss of life data —   summarized nicely by Steve Kirsh at Substack   — there are currently around 10, 000 people dying each day from covid vaccines. Anywhere from 5 in order to 12 million fatalities possess likely occurred worldwide up to now, and with these self-assembling clots continuing to gain size and mass inside the bodies of these who have received the mRNA experimental medicine injections, it is certain that many people who have not really yet died from the vaccines will experience death within the coming months and years.

Kirsch offers roughly estimated that one person is currently dead for each 1, 000 doses of covid vaccines that are given. This number will almost certainly increase with time, as the clots which are causing so much death look like continuing to “ grow” (self-assemble) inside the blood vessels plus arteries of vaccine sufferers. Thus, the final toll associated with covid vaccines will only become experienced over a period of several years and may be orders of magnitude higher, potentially 1 in 100 or even 1 in 10, although we will need to watch  excess fatalities   carefully over the next several years to know where this post-vaccine death phenomenon levels out.

So far, over 12 billion dollars covid vaccine doses happen to be administered worldwide. Over six hundred million doses have been administered in the United States, and Kirsch estimations that 600, 000 People in america have likely already been murdered by covid vaccines in the USA alone. (That’s about 12 times higher than the total casualties of US soldiers in the Vietnam War, for comparison. )

Here’s a photo that I took of one of the clots, under a lab microscope:

Pursuing the secret of the post-vaccine clots

Dr . Jane Dark red has been one of the researchers in the forefront of attempting to determine the composition of these clots as well as their mechanism of action in causing deaths in victims. Dr . Ruby connected us with Hirschman and helped arrange for the particular clot samples which we have tested via ICP-MS in our ISO-accredited, 17025 approved lab which specializes in food and water analysis.

In full disclosure, our laboratory can be accredited, audited, inspected and validated for ICP-MS tests in food and water examples, as well as other areas such as cannabinoid quantitation analysis in hemp extract samples. However , the particular accreditation scope of our lab does not specifically encompass human being biological samples, as we tend not to offer such testing to the public. Nevertheless, we routinely test dog food and kitty food samples which are, naturally , composed of animal flesh plus ground blood vessels, meat tissue, cartilage and other animal-derived biological structures, and we are using the very same sample preparation, digestion, analysis and reporting methods for post-vaccine clot samples. We also routinely test beef, pouy, fish and other meat examples. Thus, we are highly self-confident in the accuracy of these results. Furthermore, we did not find any failures during the small sample prep process. The entire clog was dissolved in nitric acid, meaning its elements went into solution and were able to be analyzed via ICP-MS.

Here’s a photograph of some of the clots found in the body of the deceased:

These ICP-MS tests were conducted on June 23 of this year. We have postponed public release of the results in order to allow time to share these numbers with co-workers and to invite feedback through others. These PDFs are also shared privately with Doctor Jane Ruby and others. No one with expertise in this field has indicated any obvious problems or concerns relating to this analysis. If anything, the ICP-MS analysis is rather straightforward: Samples are “ digested” into nitric acid, this particular acid is nebulized in to a liquid stream which experiences a plasma torch, will get ionized and then directed via a quadrupole assembly that sorts the elements by their mass-to-charge ratios. Each individual element is scanned and counted on a PMT (Photo Multiplier Tube) which translates individual elements straight into electrical current that can be accurately counted. These results are mapped against external standards which are NIST traceable to provide very accurate calibration curves, meaning the quantitation data are extremely reliable.

We all used 0. 4528 grams of the clot as the example mass in this case:

For any primer on ICP-MS and why it is so accurate,   see this NIH article .

ICP-MS analysis results uncover that these clots are not made of blood – they are not “ blood clots”

Although we intend to carry out more tests on clots and blood samples, the data we see so far make it clear these clots are not “ bloodstream clots. ” They are not merely made of congealed blood.

How do we know this particular? Because the elemental ratios and densities are vastly various. Consider the following comparison chart, based on our ICP-MS outcomes (see full results below), and notice the stark distinctions between the elemental concentrations in blood vs . clot amongst nutritive “ marker” components such as iron and magnesium (mg):

Element Blood Results Clot Results
Mg (magnesium) 35 ppm 1 . 7 ppm
K (potassium) 1893 ppm 12. 5 ppm
Fe (iron) 462 ppm 20. 6 ppm
Zn (zinc) 7. nine ppm second . 4 ppm
Cl (chlorine) 930, 000 ppm 290, 000 ppm
P (phosphorous) 1130 ppm 4900 ppm

As you can see, the particular post-vaccine clot sample  only contains 4. 4% of the iron that would be observed in human blood . This is confirmation that this clots is not a “ blood clot. ” In addition , take note the near-total lack of potassium (K) in the clot example. The clot contains lower than 0. 6% of the potassium as human blood. From the similar story with magnesium, too.

Several electrically conductive elements were increased in the clot

In addition to the nutritive elements proven above, we noticed a peculiar pattern among electrically conductive elements such as sodium (Na), aluminum (Al) and tin (Sn). For the subsequent table, please note that the tin and sodium results originate from a separate “ semiquant” statement which is less accurate than the “ fullquant” analysis useful for all the other elements shown here. In essence, the semiquant quantities are accurate in terms of relative concentrations from one sample to the next, but they are not compared to arranged external samples, so the actual (absolute) concentration reported does not take the confidence interval from the fullquant results:

Element Blood Results Clot Results
Na (sodium) 1050 ppm* truck ppm*
Sn (tin) 163 ppb* 942 ppb*
Al (aluminum) one 3 ppm 1 . 6 ppm

* = SemiQuant results, not FullQuant

With sodium being nearly 50% higher within the clot, and tin showing an increase of 588%, we are able to only conclude that  the self-assembling clot will be, in effect, “ harvesting” or even concentrating certain elements from circulating blood as clot assembly is taking place . It is noteworthy that many of those elements are conductive. Light weight aluminum, for example , is the most common alternative to copper for use in electrical cabling. Sodium is an alkali metal that is highly conductive, and tin is used as the main component in solder alloys used to manufacture or repair circuit boards.

You can see the numbers upon elemental conductivity at  this electrical conductivity reference table from Angstrom Sciences .

One particular conclusion is inescapable:   The clot is almost entirely lacking key gun elements that would be present in human blood (such as iron and potassium) yet displays significantly higher concentrations associated with elements that are used in consumer electronics and circuitry .

We invite you to draw your own bottom line of the explanation behind that, merely noting that the patents of Dr . Charles Lieber may be of special attention.

This evaluation, notably, does not answer any kind of question of whether these types of clots are “ alive” or dead (like hair and nails). My own professional opinion is that these clots are not living structures. They appear to be self-assembling  lifeless   biostructures, from what we can see so far. But that’s just an initial assessment and may change with additional observations or findings. Prions, for example , are self-assembling yet non-living biostructures too. These are essentially mis-folded proteins that spread throughout the brain (or other regions), causing morphological alterations that nullify both the normal structure and perform of neurological cells. Something does not have to be alive in order to be self-assembling. Even viruses, since described by traditional virology, are dead structures which are nevertheless self-assembling and can “ grow” in size and mass in terms of their aggregate people.

The following microscopy picture, taken at our own lab at around 1500 x magnification, shows what appears to be a repeating framework on a wire-looking protrusion from one of these clots. In case you were wondering, is not a individual hair. It is connected to the clot:

See the ICP-MS results for yourself

For those not familiar with the particular units being reported here:

ppb   = components per billion
ppm   = parts per million
1, 000 ppb   = 1 ppm (because the metric system)

The units used by the device are mass over volume (m/v) and the “ mass” is technically mass-to-charge ratio (m/z).

Here is a screen shot of a section from the PDF report from the ICP-MS results for reside human blood:

You are able to also  download the full PDF document for the blood analysis here .

And here’s the screen shot of the comes from the clot analysis, displaying ICP-MS analysis for the post-vaccine clot:

Finally, you can download  the full PDF document of the ICP-MS evaluation for the clot here .

Share these results and keep asking questions… more analysis yet to come

Feel free to share these results, incorporate them into your own videos or even podcasts, and offer your own details for what might describe this apparent anomaly. Please give credit to  NaturalNews. com   as the source, as we carried out this exclusive analysis to be able to help resolve the mystery of these clots that appear to be killing a large number of people.

We welcome any kind of feedback on these outcomes, including corrections if any errors are found.

We also encourage various other labs to replicate these types of tests for yourself and openly publish your findings as we have done here.

More analysis results are coming shortly, including additional microscopy images.

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