September 28, 2022

Statement: CCP-Linked US Firm Providing Election Data To Communist Chinese Government

FBI allegedly checking out the group that discovered the safety breach

During a private event held by True the Vote’s Catherine Engelbrecht and Gregg Phillips last weekend, the group alleged a U. S. firm is hosting election data on Chinese servers available by the CCP.

On top of this potentially groundbreaking claim, Engelbrecht and Phillips say they are now getting targeted by the FBI right after attempting to provide the agency with all the information in hopes it would check out the company.

This would mean the FBI might be covering for China’s usurping of the American election program while going after the patriots who brought the scandal to light.

A reporter to get CD Media attended the private event in order to relay what they witnessed, creating, “ True the Election many months ago stumbled upon a server in Cina which True the Election says holds a great deal of personal data on 1 . 8 million U. S. election workers. The data was brought to the FBI which has so far done nothing with it. ”

The outlet also offered screenshots from someone participating in the event, explaining True The Vote discovered the connection between a U. S. selection data company and CCP servers and took the info to a Detroit FBI workplace.

Eventually, FBI headquarters allegedly got included and turned the desks on Engelbrecht and Phillips by claiming they took servers from the CCP and have since opened up an investigation in to Phillips.

A Truth Social post by podcasting host Taylor Phillips summarized the event, dubbed The Hole, by explaining True The particular Vote discovered voting software program used to coordinate elections contained election worker data and was easily accessible by the CCP since the servers where the information was stored is in China and taiwan and the company involved is usually connected to a Communist effort.

Next, the particular post noted the group took this information to the FBI where the feds labeled the situation a national security risk and began investigating the matter before turning their eyes on True The Vote and are now sitting within the active breach of national security.

Retired CIA Operations Officer Sam Faddis also covered the personal conference, composing for the AND Magazine SubStack , “ The company in the middle of this controversy is Konnech, which is based in Michigan. It bills itself as delivering software solutions for political election managers. ”

One product Konnech provides is called PollChief, which is a good election management system that will assists local jurisdictions to sign up and manage election workers, according to True The Election.

Konnech reportedly collects and stores all the election worker information on three separate servers physically situated in China.

AND Magazine reports the person who runs PollChief for Konnech is named Wang Xiang, a Chinese national who used to be a member from the Chinese Students and College students Association (CSSA) at the College of New Mexico.

The CSSA is part of China’s  United Front effort, which is an open declaration to infiate and subvert America at every social and politics level to further China’s impact.

It’s escalating that the FBI appears to be more concerned with entrapping American citizens and harassing the previous President states than with the nation’s biggest adversary having access to private election data.

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