October 2, 2022

The particular Satanic Verses Sells Within Droves After Salman Rushdie Attack

Reviewer writes “Dear Mr. home owners assassin… Now a whole new generation will read it, all because you didn’t want it to be read by anyone”

Sales associated with Salaman Rushdie’s infamous story The Satanic Verses have skyrocketed following the horrific attack on the author last week, in a show of strength for free talk over Islamic extremism.

The New York Post reports that Rushdie’s 1988 novel, for which he has received death threats ever since, soared to the top of several Amazon bestseller lists.

The book strike number one in Contemporary Materials & Fiction, Fiction Satire and Humorous Literary Fictional.

The audiobook version became the  7th best-seller in Amazon’s Hearable store.

The particular novel was also second bestseller in both the Politics & Social Science and the Self-Help & Psychology Humor categories on Tuesday, and the 26th best-selling book overall upon Amazon’s US site.

Rushdie’s other novels also saw a jump in sales.

The Satanic Verses was deplored by extremists and announced blasphemous concerning its depiction of the Prophet Muhammad.

One reviewer wrote “ Hope this book will become #1 bestseller again just like a big F*** you to spiritual extremists and sympathizers, ” adding “ I did not even know about this book prior to. So if the idea was in order to spread the author’s message in modern times, then they succeeded! ”

“ I just bought this book in response to extremists who try to silence individuals. You will not win, ” one more reviewer added.

A further reviewer wrote “ Dear Mr. would-be cannibal, this book is now back over the bestseller lists. You do that. You tried to silence Salman Rushdie for creating something you found offensive, and now that very work will be in more homes, read by more people than ever before. ”

The posting continues, “ This is what you have accomplished. This is the only issue you have ever accomplished, as well as the only thing you will ever accomplish. ”

“ Funny thing, when there had never already been a fatwa on Mister. Rushdie in the first place, how many individuals do you suppose would have ever even heard of this book? Today a whole new generation will read it, all since you didn’t want it to be read by anyone, ” the reviewer concludes.

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