Tx Dem ‘Beto’ Called Out As Communist Ineligible Just for Election By State Regulation

Loser Democrat exposed by patriotic Texan

Brandon of ‘ Just Another Channel’ showed up in a Beto O’Rourke rally within Fredericksburg, Texas to inquire if a candidate who is backed by the Communist Party of Texas is eligible to run for Governor of the condition.

Right after getting the microphone during the Wed rally, Brandon let ‘ Beto’ know he’s on notice for his organization with the communists.

The Democrat gubernatorial candidate has worked closely with the Texas Organizing Project, which is backed by the Communist Party associated with Texas.

Brandon told Beto to their face, “ Texas Federal government Code Title 5, Section 557. 022 says the name of a communist may not be printed on the ballot, so your competition for governor is invalidated, you’re now on notice. The state of Texas sees right through you Beto! Have you been still going to take our AR-15s? Are you still going to take our guns? ”

“ The a communist may not be imprinted on the ballot for any principal or general election with this state or a political subdivision of this state, ” the full code reads .

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