October 3, 2022

Video clip: Brazen Thieves Steal Lots of money Worth of Liquor from Los Angeles Store

Footage captures brazen daylight robbery inside liquor store, because the thieves fill bags with expensive top-shelf alcohol.

Dramatic footage out of Los Angeles, California, shows a group of masked hoodlums making off with lots of money worth of distilled spirits.

It, uploaded to Twitter simply by @LibsofTikTok, shows several individuals witnessing the brazen daylight theft inside a liquor store, as the thieves fill bags with expensive top-shelf alcoholic beverages.

Amid the thievery, a store worker can be heard directing people to document the particular license plate number of the thieves’ getaway vehicle.

The Daily Mail reports a store security safeguard on-site was powerless to stop the robbers as the city’s policies essentially allow these kinds of thefts.

Despite the mayhem, a good idle security guard was seen standing a distance away from the thieves with out interfering – in the county that is known for its easygoing criminal policies.  

The particular guard hesitated to get near the robbers, but slowly crept forward to pick up what seemed to be a bag nearby following the group had caused the particular commotion.  

A woman can be heard telling a group of bystanders: ‘ Any one of you guys go and see what car they’re driving and obtain their license plate, ‘Brazen thieves steal liquor really worth thousands of dollars from LA store. ‘

“ Equity for, ” Twitter user @streetpeopleLA wrote . “ California values. Thieves steal thousands of $’s of liquor from a supermarket and right out with zero repercussions celebrating DA George Gascon’s recall not being qualified for the ballot. ”

The remember effort of Democrat LA County District Attorney Gascon failed Monday after the city registrar’s office disputed the validity of nearly 200, 1000 signatures on a ballot seeking his ouster.

It’s unclear whether the thieves were caught.

In another video from San Francisco, California, a thief commits a brazen daytime smash and grab from a vehicle right in front of a person who’s filming the entire event.

The problem in California is getting so out of control shopkeepers are having to stay vigilant and mete away their own brand of justice, since crime in the Golden State largely goes unpunished.

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