October 2, 2022

Arizona’s makeshift border wall made from shipping containers is TOPPLED as Gov. Doug Ducey blames ‘criminals’

150 migrants found in truck within Mexico on way to Tx crossing

Arizona  Gov. Doug Ducey reports a makeshift border wall was knocked over simply by criminals just a day right after it was put up.

Last week, Ducey got ordered 60 double-stacked delivery containers with razor wires to be used to complete the boundary wall in Yuma to prevent migrants from coming by means of, but two containers had been blown to the side by Mon.  

Even though it was reported that the containers were toppled by large winds, C. J. Karamargin, a spokesman for Ducey, refuted the theory, the  Washington Examiner reported.  

‘ The idea that it was a weather-related event seems unlikely, ‘  Karamargin said. ‘ The attempt to slow us straight down that happened late Sunday with these containers being bumped or pulled over, that will not deter us. ‘ 

The frustration in Arizona comes as Mexican authorities ended an 18-wheeler from smuggling 150 migrants sweltering in the truck before entering Tx.  

Ducey said he was sick and tired of illegal immigration when constructing the makeshift wall in Yuma.  

‘ Arizona has had enough, ‘ Ducey said in the tweet discussing the plan while condemning President Joe Biden.  

‘ We can’t wait anymore. The Biden administration’s insufficient urgency on border protection is a dereliction of duty. ‘

The Yuma sector of the boundary, 126 miles long, has seen an almost 300 % increase in ‘ border encounters’ – migrants arrested by Customs and Border Safety agents – this year, compared to the same time frame in 2021.  

The Biden Administration announced late last month that it experienced authorized completion of the Trump-funded U. S. -Mexico border wall near Yuma.  

Biden had pledged during his campaign to cease all long term wall construction, but the management later agreed to some obstacles, citing safety.  

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