October 1, 2022

Horror: NYC Cabbie Beaten to Death by Pack of Thugs

A taxi cab driver was beaten to help death by a pack of thugs in New York City the other day, according to reports. The horrifying crash unfolded at around a few: 30 a. m. on Saturday in Queens. Kutin Gyimah, 52, was driving several people in his cab after they ran away from his truck in an effort to skirt the do. Gyimah […]#@@#@!!

A taxi driver was beaten to loss of life by a pack of thugs in New York City last week, according to reports.

The horrifying occurrence unfolded at around 6: 30 a. m. upon Saturday in Queens.

Kutin Gyimah, 52, was traveling five people in his taxi when they ran away from his vehicle in an effort to skirt the fare.

Gyimah chased after them, managing to notice one of the riders before the association circled back and launched a bad mob assault that really led to the death of your married father of four.

Nyc police released surveillance pictures of the barbaric attack.


Male and female suspects is seen kicking and punching Gyimah as he struggles to defend him self.

One male suspect well then punches Gyimah in the face, which causes him to fall back and slam his head on the sidewalk.

The suspects fled the scene and some can be viewed apparently laughing as they wander up a staircase just a residential building.

Gyimah was found by officers but was later pronounced dead by St . John’s Hospital.

“ Fernando Mateo, a prolocutor for the New York City Federation with Taxi Drivers,   instructed The Post  early Thurs that two male potential food items surrendered to the police around the 101st Precinct in A queen late on Wednesday nighttime, ” the New York Post reports.

“ One other dude, believed to be in his 20s, and also three teenage girls are also wished in the fatal attack, law said. ”

A GoFundMe launched for Gyimah’s widow not to mention her four children has raised well over $135, 000 at the time of this writing.

An investigation is constant.

The latest attacks against Facts Wars are only exposing their particular intention for you to silence all of alternative portable media .

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