October 1, 2022

Shock Video: ‘Flash Mob’ Loots 7-Eleven Shop in UNA

A 7-Eleven convenience store had been looted and vandalized with a ‘ flash mob’ within southern California this week, according to reports. The disturbing incident unfolded on Monday night in Los Angeles. Street racers overtook an intersection in the Harbor Gateway neighborhood and started performing dangerous stunts, detonating explosives, and wreaking havoc. Authorities say well over one hundred people […]#@@#@!!

A 7-Eleven convenience store was looted and vandalized by a ‘ flash mob’ in southern California immediately, according to reports.

The troubling incident unfolded on Mon night in Los Angeles.

Street racers took over an intersection in the Harbor Gateway community and began performing harmful stunts, detonating explosives, and wreaking havoc.

Authorities state well over a hundred people were involved in the ‘ street takeover, ‘ Fox eleven reports.

A massive group of suspects then swarmed a nearby 7-Eleven plus embarked on a barbaric looting spree, attacking an employee plus leaving a trail associated with destruction in their wake.

Monitoring cameras captured footage of the shocking raid.

Lots of suspects can be seen ransacking the store, stealing food, drinks, lottery tickets, cigarettes, and other products.

Cash registers were reportedly damaged but it is ambiguous if money was taken.

The store clerk told police he feared for his life.

“ They’re going to become held accountable, ” stated LAPD Detective Ryan Moreno.

“ We really want to cease this from becoming a brand new trend where they think they can show up and take over a street, freeway or some kind of part of the city where they will think they come into a store and take whatever they desire. We are here to stay that is not likely to happen. ”

An investigation can be ongoing.

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