September 28, 2022

View: Joe Biden Sniffs Tresses In ‘My Son Hunter’ Teaser

Film exposing Bidens set to be released

The teaser trailer for the upcoming film ‘ My Son Hunter, ‘ presented by Breitbart News , shows a scene from your movie where Joe Biden sniffs a secret company agent’s hair.

Biden has regularly been caught on camera creepily sniffing at the hair of ladies young and old.

An image from the movie posted by the Daily Mail shows Biden kissing the neck of the exact same secret service agent, performed by former MMA jet fighter Gina Carano.

My Son Hunter

The film dives into the shady life of Later on Biden’s crackhead son Seeker and his business deals in Ukraine, China, America plus elsewhere.

Film production company contains warnings for “ cronyism, money laundering, a lot more sex, a Laptop through Hell, Chinese spies, Ukrainian ‘ Businessmen’, the CPP [Chinese Communist Party], the Promoting Out of America, the Big Guy, Corn Pop, More Intercourse, Additional Drugs, and… Household. ”

Open to stream or download beginning September 7th at MySonHunter. com , those involved in the project hope to help bring light towards the First Son’s corrupt background.

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