October 2, 2022

Kamikaze drone strike hits Russia’s Navy HQ in Crimea

Causes a massive explosion despite frantic tries to shoot it down – after a string of Ukrainian missions deep within occupied peninsula

A kamikaze drone strike hit Russia’s Navy headquarters in Crimea and sparked a huge explosion today, in another suspected Ukrainian raid.

Smoke was seen billowing through the air this morning following the attack, which came regardless of frantic attempts from Putin’s forces to shoot throughout the UAV, as seen in a where repetitive gunfire can be heard.

The particular naval HQ suffered an immediate hit, said reports whilst terrified Russian tourists fled the popular summer peninsula.  

Governor of Sevastopol Mikhail Razvozhaev confirmed the attack, writing upon Telegram:   ‘ Regrettably, [the drone] was not shot down, although they labored on the bay with little arms. [It] went low. There were no victims. ‘

He warned: ‘ The particular tenacity of these Ukro-Reich morons is amazing.   Everybody, if possible, needs to be home in the next hour. ‘

Russia also suffered incoming attacks on resort Yevpatoriya, north of Sevastopol, where one  man was heard saying: ‘ This is not humorous. Let’s pack up and get out of here.   These are no fireworks. ‘

The air defence system has been activated in the Western Crimea, the head of Putin’s regime in annexed Crimea, Sergei Aksyonov, said.

‘ The target is strike.   There is no damage, neither any wounded.   Our military clearly, professionally and effectively carry out their tasks.   I ask everybody to remain calm and rely on only official information. ‘

Initially as the wave associated with attacks came in, Razvozzhaev stated: ‘ I am at my place of work in the government.   Along with many of the townspeople, I heard the clapping in the [city] centre.

‘ Similar sounds were heard in the Strelka area a little earlier.   The air defence was operating in the bay.   Naval artillery [operated] in the centre.   The same as last night.   According to preliminary information [they were capturing down drones.   Targets were hit.   All of us remain calm.   The military is doing their work perfectly.   Let’s assistance them. ‘

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