October 1, 2022

Minute disabled man, 66, is certainly beaten to death with metal pole in Seattle

By serial criminal whom judge freed on criminal offence charges eight days earlier

Distressing footage showed a disabled 66 year-old being beaten to death with a metal pole within Seattle – allegedly with a serial criminal cops say had been freed by a local judge on a separate felony charge just eight days earlier.    

Aaron Fulk, 48, is said to be the guy caught on surveillance footage as he bludgeoned 66-year-old Rodney Peterman with the makeshift tool in the Washington city’s infamously crime-ridden downtown.

It happened close to Seattle’s world-famous Pike Place market, a popular tourist-hot spot,   KOMO   reported.    

Prosecutors say Fulk kept on beating Peterman even after the victim fell subconscious during the August 2 strike. It fractured the skull of Peterman – who else had mobility issues and used a walker –   who  was struck at least three times in the back of the head and on the temple.

Although bystanders performed CPR upon Peterman, he never regained consciousness and died in hospital four days afterwards.

Fulk was arrested as he attempted to walk away from the scene of the criminal offense. It’s unclear if he knew his victim before the attack, and what his purpose was.  

But he might not have been out on the streets whatsoever were it not for that actions of Pierce County Superior Court Judge Philip Thornton.

Thornton had come across Pierce times earlier, and decided to discharge him without bail on felony harassment charges right after he allegedly threatened in order to kill a local city employee.

Thornton released Fulk on his own recognizance, plus asked him not to make any more crime.

The serial criminal’s subsequent behavior has sparked rage over Thornton’s decision in order to ignore prosecutors’ request for $10, 000 bail, and is becoming viewed as symbolic of Seattle’s apparent unwillingness to break down on serious crime.  

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