October 6, 2022

REVEALED: Donald Trump left Later on Biden GRACIOUS good luck take note in White House

Full list of blunders that resulted in FBI Mar-a-Lago espionage raid emerges

Donald Trump  left the ‘ gracious’ letter at the rear of for  Joe Biden  right after leaving the  White Home, it has been revealed, as helps shared the catalog of chaos that culminated within last week’s Mar-a-Lago raid.

Resources and notes detailing the final four days of the Trump presidency revealed that on entering the Oval Office, newly elected president Later on Biden found a letter waiting for him from his predecessor,   The newest York Times   reported.

The particular letter was reportedly handwritten by Trump himself upon two large pages, with Biden remarking to an aide that the former president ‘ had been more gracious in the letter than he had expected. ‘

Its contents have not been revealed, but the letter will be one of the primary records Biden will have to start to the National Archives whenever he leaves the White-colored House.  

Aides state it was the very same process that landed Trump in trouble using the FBI, after attempts with the National Archive to obtain the note Barack Obama had left for Trump, as well as correspondence with Betty Jong un, sparked a wider probe into the associated with classified documents.    

It’s a process that has landed Trump in the midst of a FBI investigation, following a series of blunders that led to a failure to turn over two dozen boxes of paperwork, leading to a raid on his Mar-a-Lago home.

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