September 28, 2022

Established Government Reports Prove The particular COVID Vaccines Cause Cancer

U. S. Government data confirms risk of developing malignancy following Covid-19 vaccination increases by 143, 233%

Cancer begins when  genetic changes  interfere with the standard replication and replacement of cells in the body. Cells start to grow uncontrollably and may form a tumor. It is the No . 2 leading cause of death in the usa.

Regrettably, it appears the disease may be on the rise thanks to the experimental Covid-19 shots. Because official U. H. Government data confirms the chance of developing cancer following Covid-19 vaccination increases by a surprising 143, 233%.

The Centers for Disease Control (CDC) hosts a  Vaccine Adverse Event Reporting System (VAERS)   which contains historic data on adverse reactions documented against every vaccine which has been administered in the United States of America.

A quick research of the  CDC VAERS database   on the number of cancer instances reported as adverse reactions to the Covid-19 injections since they had been first rolled out in the USA, reveals that from December 2020 up to 5th Aug 2022, a total of two, 579 adverse events associated with cancer were made in simply 1 year and 8 several weeks.

Covid-19 Vaccines

But performing an identical search of the  VAERS database   on the number of cancer situations reported as adverse activities to all other available vaccines between 2008 and 2020, a period of 13 years, reveals there were just 791 adverse events related to cancer.

Other Vaccines

Many would basically argue without backing their claim up with any evidence, that this is just because of the amount of Covid-19 injections administered in comparison to all other vaccines. But regrettably, anyone who argues this is wrong.

We can see this particular by looking at the number of doses administered.

These chart shows the total number of flu vaccine doses given in 13 full flu seasons all the way from the 2008/2009 flu season to the 2019-2020 flu season. The data has been extracted from the CDC information found  here .


In all between 08/09 flu season as well as the 19/20 flu season, there have been a total of 1, 720, 400, 000 (1. 7204 billion) doses of the flu jab administered in the USA.

The CDC also verifies that between 2008 and 2020, a period of thirteen years, there were just 64 events related to cancer reported as adverse reactions to the influenza vaccines.

Flu Vaccines

Based on the variety of adverse events related to malignancy alone, we can see that there happen to be 40. 3x as many malignancy cases related to Covid-19 vaccination than there have been related to flu vaccination.

But while shocking, this statistic would not properly represent the intensity of the situation. To do that we have to know the number of cancer situations per 100, 000 dosages administered.

In line with the above numbers provided by the CDC, the number of adverse activities related to cancer reported per 100, 000 doses associated with flu vaccine administered means just 0. 0003 for each 100, 000 doses.

According to  ‘ Our World in Data’ , as of 9th August 2022, 606 million dosages of the Covid-19 vaccines are actually administered in the USA. This means there have been actually nearly 3x as numerous flu vaccines administered in between 2008-2020 than Covid-19 shots since the end of 2020, let alone all of the other vaccines that have been administered.


Therefore , the number of undesirable events related to cancer reported per 100, 000 doses of Covid-19 vaccine administered equates to 0. 43 per 100, 000 doses.

This means Covid-19 vaccination can be 1433. 33x / 143, 233. 33% more likely to trigger cancer than flu vaccination. It can be argued that since the numbers are so extraordinarily lower for the flu vaccine, that will flu vaccination does not trigger cancer. Therefore , it can be contended that the risk of building cancer following Covid-19 vaccination is 1433x greater than the backdrop risk.

This should however not come because a surprise considering we curently have scientific proof that the Covid-19 mRNA injections can cause malignancy of the ovaries, pancreas and breast.

The particular homologous recombination DNA repair pathway is one of the mechanisms the body uses to stop your cells from turning malignant in response to environmental stress.

And in October 2021, two revered scientists, known as Jiang and Mei, a new paper published, after peer review, in  MDPI , showing that the SARS-Cov-2 spike protein obliterated the particular DNA repair mechanism in lymphocytes.

The particular viral spike protein was so toxic to this pathway that it knocked 90% from it out. If the whole spike protein got into the nucleus (in the ovaries), plus enough of it was produced and hung around lengthy enough before the body was able to eliminate it all, it would cause malignancy.

Fortunately, in the case of natural infection, this is not likely to occur. But the experimental mRNA “ vaccines” induce spike protein to be produced in and round the cell nucleus and this occurs for at least 60 days and almost certainly longer.

This is probably why cases of ovarian cancer are now at an all-time high.

Official UK information published by Public Wellness Scotland, which can be found  here , reveal the amount of women suffering ovarian malignancy from the introduction of the Covid-19 injection to the general human population. Unfortunately, the known tendency in 2021 was considerably higher than 2020 and the 2017-2019 average.

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Ovarian Cancer –   Source

The above mentioned chart shows up to June 2021, but the charts found on Public Health Scotland’s dashboard now show figures right up to December 2021 plus unfortunately reveal that the space has widened even further using the number of women suffering from Ovarian cancer increasing significantly.

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If you still desire to get a jab that doesn’t prevent you from getting Covid-19, doesn’t stop you from spreading Covid-19, increases your own risk of mortality considerably (see  here ), and increases your own risk of suffering malignancy by 143, 233% then that’s up to you. But perhaps you can now be a little more understanding of why many others simply refuse to achieve this.

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