September 28, 2022

“Food Chain Reaction” War-Game Expected 2020 Collapse & Meals Shortage in Ukraine

A global elite are either clairvoyant or it’s all prepared

It turns out that government war games are not so imaginary.

Global leaders met in November of 2015 to talk about and plan for a meals crisis beginning in the year 2020, with “ climate change, disease, and political instability” as the pretext.

This exercise also foretold of grain materials becoming affected in Russia and Ukraine, and expected Africa’s production of “ climate-resilient crops” – all of these are currently taking place.

Unlike numerous government-level wargames that are deemed “ fictional scenarios, ” this exercise seems to be actively playing out like a farmer’s almanac.

If the future is anything such as what our global commanders planned for then we are able to expect a continuing rise in foods prices and a transformation of our food system to include more genetically modified ingredients and much more sustainable alternatives, such as crickets or mealworms.

This is, after all, the “ Decade of Activity. ”

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