Movies: MSNBC Says U. S i9000. ALREADY IN Civil Battle; Repeatedly Calls GOP A “Fascist” Party

Remember, Fox Information, OAN and Newsmax are the extremist propagandists though

MSNBC host Tiffany Cross declared that the U. S. is already in a civil war, plus blamed conservative news organisations for stoking violence, after that in a subsequent broadcast induced a guest who repeatedly stated that the Republican Party is “ fascist. ”

Cross made the comments while filling in to get race baiter Joy Reid last week, stating “ At this stage, I do think we have to have serious conversations around preparing for actual violence. People keep stating a civil war can be coming. I would say a civil war is here. And I don’t mean to be hyperbolic. ”

Mix was speaking about reported dangers to FBI field workplaces following the raid on President Trump’s Mar A Lago residence.

“ We can look at what provides happened in the past week solely since all this has happened. We’ve had two people tried to declare war with FBI field offices. I do not think at this point we’re all gonna go back home and pack up our bags and go home and sing ‘ Kumbaya, ‘” Combination continued.

The particular host further stated “ It’s not really rhetoric that individuals can deal with. I mean, you have millions of people turning into a propaganda network every night [she’s talking about Fox News]. And then, as if that were so good enough, that’s an extremist network itself, you have these fringe popup outlets through OAN to Newsmax. ”


Later in the 7 days, Cross interviewed leftist pollster Fernand Amandi  who contended that “ the  choice to overturn  Roe v. Wade , this really is Republican  extremism, not within the  theoretical, but in the particular here  and now. ”

Amandi continued, “ So faced with that reality, not  a fear approach or scare tactic,   I think the voters are saying ‘ timeout, hold on, these  Republican MAGA fascists are as  bad as folks are saying because we find it now directly  impacting existence. ‘”

This individual repeated the claim again immediately, stating “ and that is  why I think you have seen  voters come back to the  Democratic Party which is why I state as long as they draw that  contrast, point out the  extremism of this fascist, MAGA,   Republican Party of today they may gonna be in strong  shape going into the vote. ”

Minutes later on, Armandi repeated the slur again, proclaiming that “ the beauty for us, for those people who are on team democracy,   and not on team fascism, is  that the forms overwhelmingly  show that most Americans, the  vast majority are on the particular side  of democracy plus democratic  reform on these types of key issues.   The vast minority are on the  side of the MAGA fascism trope. ”

Armandi  further declared “ The choice on the ballot is definitely democracy and fascism as well as the Democrats stand for democracy, this today, incarnation of the MAGA Trump Republican Party represents open fascism. ”  


He’s trying to get some type of point across, not quite sure what.

Remember, Fox News, OAN and Newsmax are the extremist propagandists even though.

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