October 6, 2022

UC Berkeley Student Housing Co-Op Bans White People Through Common Areas

A UC Berkeley off-campus housing co-op has  prohibited white people from entering common spaces  in order to secure people of color (POC) from so-called “ whitened violence. ” As initial reported by  The College Fix  and confirmed elsewhere, house rules for the 30-room “ Person of Color Concept House” leaked to  Reddit  read: “ Many POC moved here to be able to prevent white violence and […]#@@#@!!

The UC Berkeley off-campus casing co-op has  banned white people from entering common spaces  in order to protect individuals of color (POC) from so-called “ white violence. ”

As first reported by  The College Repair   and confirmed elsewhere, house guidelines for the 30-room “ Person of Color Theme House” leaked to  Reddit   read: “ Many POC moved right here to be able to avoid white violence and presence, so respect their decision of prevention if you bring white guests. ”

White visitors are not allowed in common spaces , ” reads the rule under “ Guests in Common Spaces. ”

Via Berkeley subreddit

The top comments in the infamously liberal subreddit noted the obvious racism:

To be able to beat racism we must initial become racists ourselves! ” wrote one user, /u/Educational-Net303.

Also banned from the POC House:

Prevent bringing parents/family members that will express bigotry, ” adding “ Queer, Dark, and Indigenous members should not have to avoid common areas because of homophobic or hurtful parents/family members. ”

Via The College Fix

Of note, the facility is  not   run by UC Berkeley, as Assistant Director of Media Relations Adam Ratliff told the outlet, adding that it can be “ not the part of the campus” to comment on what they do.

“ As this involves an off-campus non-affiliated landlord, the campus has no ability under the  Code of College student Conduct   to discipline the landlord, ” said Ratliff.

The Person associated with Color Theme House, the five-story, 30-room home that will can  accommodate   up to 56 learners, exists to serve “ low-income, first generation, immigrant and marginalized students of color. ”

Is actually part of the Berkeley Student Supportive, a nonprofit housing cooperative established to provide affordable housing to Bay-area college students.

Since it was established in 2016, the POC house has faced its discuss of internal problems.

One particular former member  had written   in a Moderate article that the house has become known for its “ call-out culture” perpetuated by “ the lack of intersectionality. ”

Several members have already been criticized for being white/white passing, aligning themselves with whiteness, or allowing white assault in the house, ” she wrote.

Stephen Ross, supportive experience manager for the Berkeley Student Cooperative, told The school Fix that “ neither the BSC nor the particular POC house has an recognized policy” excluding white guests from common spaces. -The College Fix

“ Whitened people can and do reside in POC house, but the concentrate for POC house provides a safe and encouraging living environment for people associated with color, ” said Ross – though he added that each of the 20 BSC houses “ have their personal culture and practices” that develop ovver time, incorporating that members actively function toward “ not producing Whiteness central to the encounter for members living in the home. ”

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