September 28, 2022

UFC Fighter Blasts Jimmy Kimmel, Hollywood & Media As ‘Pedophiles’

MMA fighter Joel Bauman tells California elite to “eat cock. “

UFC fighter Fran Bauman put Hollywood as well as the mainstream media on discover during a post-fight interview, stating he’s going to assume they’re most pedophiles until the flight records of deceased billionaire Jeffrey Epstein are released.

After beating middleweight contender Anthony Ivy in a TKO at Fury FC 68 in San Antonio, Texas on Weekend, Bauman donned a leather harness and launched right into a tirade against the California elite and even late-night talk display host Jimmy Kimmel, telling these to “ eat dick” until the “ flight logs” – presumably belonging to Epstein – are released.

“ So all those doubting my NFT you’re looking at the guy. That’s the reason that college athletes and high school sports athletes are getting paid the day. Mister. influencer the influencers, ” Bauman began.

“ Secondly, Due to jimmy kimmel viral this: I combat to eradicate childhood malnutrition from the planet and till they release the trip logs, you, the mainstream media, Hollywood, all pedophiles to me. Eat dick. Are I cancelled yet dot com? ”

UFC Fight Pass had initially clipped and released Bauman’s post-fight remarks on Twitter but then apparently decided to delete the article over his controversial remarks.

Unbeknownst to Bauman, some of Epstein’s flight logs to his private plane are already released through several lawsuits over the years, showing several high-profile names had flown upon “ Lolita Express, ” including Prince Andrew plus former President Bill Clinton, who jetted with Epstein at least twenty six times .

Unsealed court documents and a former adviser to Clinton claimed the former president also visited Epstein’s “ Pedophile Island” in the Caribbean, but Clinton has refuted those accusations.

As for Kimmel, his name appears in a fake list that’s circulated close to social media of celebrities arrested of visiting “ Pedophile Island, ” and no proof exists showing he’s actually participated in Epstein’s sex trafficking enterprise.

But Bauman’s incendiary feedback contain hints of reality: before he died below mysterious circumstances in his prison cell in 2019, Epstein was convicted of intercourse trafficking underage girls on his numerous properties – including Little St . Wayne aka “ Pedophile Tropical isle, ” along with his accomplice Ghislane Maxwell, who is serving the 20-year sentence.

Epstein victims have called in their lawsuits many high-profile figures who at the very least had knowledge of Epstein’s activities, which includes Prince Andrew , French modeling scout Jean-Luc Brunel , Victoria’s Secret founder Les Wexner, and former Governors George Mitchell (Main) and Bill Richardson (N. M. ).

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