September 28, 2022

A lot more Billions to Ukraine because America Falls Apart

Supporters of this web proxy war may celebrate more aid to Ukraine, however the reality is that it is in no way aid to Ukraine. That’s not really how the system works.

There is a video clip making the rounds showing President Biden speaking at a recent NATO summit about the seven billion dollars dollars the US government had – at that time – provided to Ukraine. Attached to that is another clip showing the horrific state of several US major cities, including within Pennsylvania, California, and Kansas. The video of American cities is shocking: endless landscapes of filth, trash, homelessness, open fires on the street, drug-addicted zombies. It doesn’t look like the particular America most of us remember.

Watching Biden bragging about sending billions of dollars to corrupt commanders overseas with American towns looking like bombed-out Iraq or even Libya is US international policy in a nutshell. The Washington elites tell the rest of America that they must “ promote democracy” in some far-off land. Anyone who objects is considered in league with the appointed enemy of the day. Once it was Saddam, then Assad and Gaddafi. Now it’s Putin. The overall game is the same, only the brands are changed.

What is seldom asked, is what is in this deal for those Americans who suffer to pay for our interventionist foreign policy. Do they really think a working American in Ohio or Pennsylvania is better off or even safer because we are supposedly protecting Ukraine’s borders? I believe most Americans would question why they aren’t bothering to protect our own borders.

A reported 200, 000 illegals crossed the border into the US within July alone. You can believe they are learning quickly in regards to the free money provided by the government to illegals. They’ll most likely get a voting card too.

Last Friday the Pentagon announced that yet another $775 million would be sent to Ukraine. As Antiwar. com documented, it was the eighteenth weaponry package to Ukraine in six months. Has there have you been a more idiotic US intervention in history?

Supporters of this proxy war might celebrate more aid to Ukraine, but the reality is it is in no way aid to Ukraine. That’s not how the system works. It is money created away from thin air by the Fed plus appropriated by Congress to become spent propping up the politically-connected military-industrial complex. It is a large check written by middle The united states to rich people who operate Raytheon and Lockheed Martin. Americans watch their spending budget being stretched to the restrict while the Beltway fat-cats release their belts to continue taking pleasure in the gravy train.

Bloomberg reported previously this summer that inflation is usually costing the average American household more than $5, 200 this year. Inflation is a tax upon middle class and bad Americans. The wealthy – like those who run Raytheon and Lockheed Martin – always get the new cash first, before prices go up. The rest of us watch as the dollar buys less and less.

As Washington salivates more than fighting Russia in Ukraine, the rest of America  feels like wish becoming Zimbabwe. How long till it takes a trillion dollars for a loaf of bread? Will there be a run on wheelbarrows?

There is a way out. It’s called “ non-interventionism. ” The war in Ukraine was caused by the united states regime change in 2014 and the neocon insistence that will Ukraine join NATO. Their state Department and CIA believed it was a great victory in order to overthrow the elected govt, but meanwhile the rest of us have the bill. No NATO but not one more penny for Ukraine!

This short article first appeared at RonPaulInstitute. org .

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