October 3, 2022

Report Fentanyl Seizure in Australia

Authorities worry Australia could turn out to be part of a “global fentanyl epidemic”

The Australian Border Push (ABF) seized more than 5 million doses of fentanyl, a deadly opioid that is circulated illegally on the roads, on Monday.

According to a press statement by the ABF, this was the largest shipment associated with fentanyl ever detected in the nation.  

The opioids were  found in a  shipment arriving  from North america in Melbourne in December 2021, hidden inside an industrial wood lathe, the statement explained.  

In a examination of the shipping container two months later, in February,   Australian  police officers discovered nearly 60 kilograms of  illegal substances. The powder drugs were covered up inside of military-style ammunition containers and hidden further inside a three tone lathe.  

An analysis by forensic officers proved that the substances were composed of 11. 2 kilograms associated with pure fentanyl —   which is equivalent to about 5. 5 million potential lethal doses of 30 milligrams —   and some thirty kilograms of methamphetamine, by having an estimated street value of twenty-seven million Australian dollars (roughly € 18. 5 million, or US$18. 5 million).

First known large seizure in Australia

Prior to that, Australian police said they had just ever detected illegal fentanyl in amounts of less than thirty grams. They went on to say that as little as 28 milligrams of the drug can result in loss of life.  

“ This was a massive amount of Fentanyl, ” ABF Commander Maritime and Enforcement South James Watson said.

“ Fentanyl is an extremely toxic substance to handle as well as being a lethal drug to use. There exists a fentanyl epidemic in many areas of the world today, resulting in thousands of deaths of users each year, ” Watson highlighted.

Australian Federal Law enforcement acting Commander Anthony Hall added that the lacing of illegal drugs with synthetic opioids such as fentanyl demonstrated especially dangerous.

“ People who use illicit drugs can never be certain what they are ingesting and this seizure illustrates the potentially lethal online game of Russian roulette these people play. We don’t want to see Australia joining other nations in that deadly game, ” he said.

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