September 29, 2022

Representative. Massie Eviscerates Fauci: ‘Snake Oil Salesman Trying to Ride Wagon Out of Town Before People Hold Him Accountable’

“Science didn’t develop, Fauci ignored science, ” Rep. Massie stated.

Rep. Thomas Massie (R-Ky. ) accused fun loving NIAID Director Anthony Fauci of attempting to evade accountability for his bungling from the Covid pandemic response simply by quietly slipping out of his top government position.

Comparing Fauci to a “ snake oil salesman” scurrying out of the town where he hocked inadequate cures, tonics and potions, Rep. Massie highlighted many missteps made by Fauci during the crisis, including his promotion of masks, lockdowns and faulty vaccines.

“ Science didn’t evolve, Fauci ignored science, ” Rep. Massie stated, commenting on an MSNBC interview Mon in which the NIAID director acknowledged the federal government mishandled the turmoil.

In that interview, Fauci admitted, “ Along with Covid, things that we thought we knew at the beginning as the months went by turned out to not be the case, ” adding, “ That was interpreted as flip flopping when it really was the evolution of the technology. ”

Keeping his feet to the fireplace, Rep. Massie blasted Fauci for deceiving the American people on the effectiveness of vaccines, which do nothing to protect from, or stop the particular spread of Covid.

“ The shot trials were designed Never to show the vaccines did not prevent infection or distribute, but he spoke as though they did, ” Massie pointed out.

“ He ignored harm caused by locking down individuals – delayed cancer tests, untreated diabetes, un-filled prescription medications, mental health (suicides), and so on, ” Rep. Massie additional.

Continuing, the Kentucky congressman added Fauci has thus far not formally recognized the thousands of adverse reactions caused by the poison jabs, or the harm the lockdowns caused.

In addition to ignoring natural immunity, Dr . Fauci also “ downplayed earlier treatments and promoted late stage expensive pharmaceuticals whilst ignoring their side effects, ” Rep. Massie tweeted.

“ Fauci isn’t science, your dog is a snake oil salesman trying to quietly ride his wagon out of town before the people hold him responsible for his fraud, ” Representative. Massie concluded.

The His party congressman’s criticism comes as several other Republicans, including fellow Kentucky Rep. Seite Paul (R), vowed to keep Fauci accountable after he announced his intention to resign through his 38-year government posting in December.

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