September 29, 2022

Wisconsin School Votes to Prohibit ‘Political’ BLM and LGBT Flags

ACLU cries bad despite MAGA and ‘Back the Blue’ also becoming prohibited.

A college in Wisconsin has the very best to ban BLM plus LGBT flags, asserting they represent “ political messaging” that has no place within educational institutions.

The college board voted to ensure instructors and administration of Wisconsin’s Kettle Moraine School region would “ not have politics flags or religious messaging in their classroom or on their person. ”

The board voted in order to uphold a code of conduct which prevents teachers from abusing their position to promote partisan politics or religious views for personal monetary gain or non-monetary gain.

Gay pride flags, Black Lives Matter emblems, MAGA messaging and ‘ back the blue’ rhetoric will all be prohibited as a result of the vote.

If the precedent spreads across the country, it could represent profession suicide for countless far-left teachers who have used the TikTok app to boast of how they use such symbols in order to brainwash children in their courses.

Christine Donahoe, an attorney with the American City Liberties Union, ludicrously stated that the vote represented “ targeted attacks at specific viewpoints, like LGBT areas or welcome and safe spaces to students of colour, ” despite the fact that all politics messaging, left or right, has been banned.

Left-wing students and activists decried the vote, claiming that enabling BLM plus LGBT messaging provides a “ safe space” for college students.

However , quite the opposite seems to be happening, with white students increasingly discriminated against.

A video that went virus-like in 2020 showed a black college student at the University of Virginia demanding white people depart the campus diversity center because “ there’s way too many white people in here. ”

A private housing co-op near the the University or college of California, Berkeley, recently banned white visitors through entering common areas with no permission of other tenants.

“ Numerous POC members moved right here to be able to avoid white assault and presence, so respect their decision of avoidance if you bring white guests, ” the leaked house rules list stated.

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