October 2, 2022

Alex Jones is 007 within New Pro-Free Speech Cartoon

Ben Garrison amusing depicts Jones struggling to flee globalist censorship deathtrap.

Infowars host Alex Jones is a secret realtor caught in a New World Purchase censorship deathtrap, in a new political illustration from renowned artist Ben Garrison.

Recreating an well-known scene from the 1964 James Bond film “ Goldfinger, ” Garrison depicts Jones (Sean Connery-era agent 007) in jeopardy, as globalist kingpin Klaus Schwab represents the movie’s dreaded eponymous villain debuting his new industrial laserlight.

Schwab’s laserlight is powered by lawfare and an “ ua million dollar defamation case, ” and he tells Jones the idea of his apparatus is just not to make him spill his guts, but to quiet him. Meanwhile, Jones’ trademark bullhorn lays on the floor currently spliced by the laser.

According to Garrison , his cartoon is meant to show how the business is suppressing Jones’ conversation due to his politically undesirable viewpoints.

Mostly this is regarding going after Jones, who supported Trump in 2016. This individual was among the top influencers who attracted a lot of attention and support for our  45th  president. The New World Order is  now  remedying that situation. Social media leaders have since banned and silenced many conservatives, including Jones and GrrrGraphics. At the top, the mega billionaires (and probably trillionaires) are spending copious amount of money to impact us. We know the anti-American George Soros has already ‘ bought out’ many district attorneys in big cities. His goal is making sure Americans deal with skyrocketing crime.

Garrison, himself a target of censorship, goes on to explain Jones’ case as “ a direct assault on our free of charge speech, ” and says “ forcing Jones to pay for mega millions of dollars in damages is ridiculous. ”

“ In other words, a possibility about justice. It’s about silencing Jones, ” this individual writes, adding, “ When they can do this to Alex Jones, they can do this to anyone. ”

Here’s another classic Alex Jones representation from Ben Garrison depicting him playing mainstream media jezebel Megyn Kelly like a fiddle.

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