October 2, 2022

EXCEPTIONAL: Marjorie Taylor Greene Responds to Being SWATTED at Home by Domestic Terrorist – “They Wanted to Get Myself Killed”

‘They think that they’re going to scare myself and intimidate me in to not pushing my laws and protecting kids, but I’m gonna tell you Alex, I am more committed to it than ever before, ‘ says Georgia congresswoman.

Rep. Marjorie Taylor Greene (R-Ga. ) joined the Alex Jones Show Wednesday to break straight down her terrifying experience obtaining “ swatted” during the earlier hours of the morning.

Rep. Greene told Jones police descended on her house in Ancient rome, Ga., Wednesday morning by a person angry with the girl recent legislation, who told police someone was shot inside her home which there was an active shooter circumstance.

“ I got swatted yesterday evening because of the legislation that I released, Protect Children’s Innocence Action, and whoever this person is they’re going to hunt your pet down and find him, ” she told Jones during his Wednesday broadcast.

“ They called the 911 center and reported someone had been photo in my home and that there have been children in my home and created a scenario that there had been still an active shooter within my home. ”

Rep. Greene outlined the big event in detail to Jones, saying she was glad the lady opted not to grab the girl firearm when answering the girl door.

MTG: It was soon after one o’clock in the morning. I had been sound asleep in my mattress in my home here in Ancient rome, Georgia. Heard a knock on the door, heard the doorbell, heard people outdoors my house. I could hear all of them outside my windows. And am got up quickly. I acquired dressed. I saw a few lamps outside, but it wasn’t police lights still. I could just tell there was cars out there where there shouldn’t be. And I actually… before I left the bedroom I picked up the gun as I always perform to answer the door.

AJ: Well yeah, you’re a significant target.

MTG: Yeah, should you be gonna come to my house and am don’t know you’re coming I will answer the door with our firearm and that’s what people should do.

But I had this really strange gut feeling Alex that something was wrong so I put my gun down and it’s odd for me to do that. That’s not normal. Took place the hallway, went into my foyer and saw law enforcement out on my front porch and they looked extremely serious and very concerned.

Opened front side door and they immediately requested me, ‘ Is every thing okay, ma’am? Are you okay? ‘ And of course I was stunned. I didn’t know what I used to be getting into. I didn’t know if they were bringing myself bad news, or [they’ve] come for reasons uknown. And I said, ‘ Yes, I was sound asleep. I am okay. What’s happening? ‘ And that’s when they informed me about the call that acquired come in, and I of course stated, ‘ Please come in my house. Please check my house. Make sure everything’s okay. ‘ My daughter woke up and she arrived. Of course she was scared too. We both were because it’s really terrifying to have law enforcement come to your home in the middle of the night with a story like that and to know that you’re being swatted. And the police knew it too. They said, ‘ Yeah, you’re being swatted. ‘

Rep. Greene was obviously disturbed by the situation plus correctly labeled it “ political terrorism. ”

“ I, the sitting member of Congress, had been their target. They desired to get me killed, so in retrospect they called police, ” Greene told Jones, incorporating police handled the situation well.

“ Seeing that this sicko wanted to have me killed by police in my own home and was willing to use the police to achieve that to me, it’s really political terrorism, Alex, that’s what this is, political terrorism. ”

The conservative revolutionary went on to say the swatting would not deter her through promoting her bill, and only serves to galvanize the girl.

“ They think that they’re going to scare me personally and intimidate me directly into not pushing my laws and protecting kids, but I’m gonna tell you Alex, I am more committed to this than ever before, ” Rep. Greene stated.

“ If they wanna declare war on me like this, then they don’t understand who I am. If I do anything at the end of the day, the only one thing I value is protecting our kids and the left’s disgusting, perverted, sweeping evil agenda to drive kids into these dreadful genital mutilation surgeries is definitely something that I’ll go right for. ”

Later in the interview, Rep. Greene agreed with Jones that the agenda to allow children to have “ gender-affirming” surgical procedures amounted to a demonic kid abuse cult.

“ Yes it is a sick cult. That is right. Child abuse cult. They’re making a fortune off of it. And it is an industry that will only develop and they want to use federal tax dollars to fund it, ” she said.

Rep. Greene also remarked that penalties for people who conduct these types of swat attacks should be increased, prompting Jones to add, “ Well, you may already know swatting’s got a lot of people slain. They need to be charged along with attempted murder. ”

The congresswoman continued to urge Republican Senators to take up similar laws so the bill will remain a chance when the party requires back the majority in The month of january.

In a police report of the event acquired by the Every day Dot , Rome police said they initiated “ a tactical approach to the particular residence. ”

Police also said the person who initially phoned 911 later on called back and confessed to their crime, admitting they were crazy about the legislation using a computer-generated voice.

From the police report :

“ Right after we cleared the call plus went back in service, ​ Rome-Floyd ​ 911 received a call from the suspect, ​ claiming responsibility for the event and explaining his/her motives. ​ It was a computer generated voice. ​ They described that they were upset about Ms. Greene’s stance on “ trans-gender youth’s rights”, ​ and stated which they were trying to “ SWAT” her. ​ ​ The particular suspect claims that he is connected to the website “ kiwifarm. net” which is a site that will supports cyberstalking. ​ The suspect stated that their particular user name is “ AltisticRight”. ​ I have connected a screen shot that was obtained of the alleged caller’s profile from the site. ”

The swatting comes days after Greene  presented   new legislation aimed at protecting minors from gender reassignment surgeries, producing such procedures on people under 18 years old the Class C felony punishable by a fine of up to $250, 000 and/or up to 25 years behind bars.

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