October 2, 2022

Trucker Rebellion: The Story of the Coutts Blockade

New documented by Rebel News features the Freedom Convoy standoff resistant to the Canadian government at an Alberta border crossing.

A new documented by Cool dude News breaks down the Canadian freedom convoy’s  defiance of the mandatory COVID vaccines, specifically the standoff with the Royal Canadian Fitted Police at the border bridging at Coutts, Alberta recording.

On the documentary’s profile :

You’ve heard of often the Canadian ‘ freedom truckers’ protesting discriminatory vaccine mandates. But they didn’t all visit Ottawa. Many truckers decided to take a stand at a compact border crossing in Coutts, Alberta. This is their story.

Rebel News reporters Kian Simone and Sydney Fizzard were embedded in the truckers’ border blockade in Coutts, Alberta for nearly two weeks.

During this exclusive and hard-hitting written, Rebel News displays never before seen footage that gives people a behind-the-scenes view for this 9-day freedom protests around Coutts. Learn about the dramatic major with RCMP, watch never before seen footage from negotiations on terms with authorities, and help uncover the shocking lies coming from media and politicians.

Even be sure to check out Rebel News’ hard-hitting docuseries exposing the globe Economic Forum’s Great Totally reset.

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