October 1, 2022

Video clip: CNN Tells Viewers Monkeypox Is NOT Sexually-Transmitted

Err, yes it is

In spite of vast amounts of data showing that the spread of Monkeypox is occurring predominantly among gay men , CNN went to great measures to explain that it is absolutely NOT sexually transmitted.

As reported here in The Scientific United states , Monkeypox Is a Sexually Transmitted Infection, and Knowing That Can Help Protect People .

The piece notes that will “ Black and Latino men who have sex with men are most vulnerable to monkeypox, ” and cites information that finds “ Outside Africa,   99 percent of the cases have been in guys, and 92 to 98  percent have been in self-identified males who have sex with men. ”

“ A study published in the BMJ in late July found  196 of 197 cases associated with MPX in London were in people who identified as men who had sex with men, ” the article also records.

The evidence is really voluminous that the World Wellness Organisation is on the verge of classifying Monkeypox as an STI .

The author of the article, Steven Thrasher alerts that by “ not naming, researching, preventing plus addressing how transmission is happening, ” people will be kept “ from understanding how to avoid infection, allow unnecessary worry, and exacerbate racist and homophobic social determinants associated with health. ”

“ In the past few months,   there has been considerable backlash in order to naming MPX an STI [sexually-transmitted infection] out from the usually well-intentioned but eventually misguided belief that doing this will increase  stigma , ” Thrasher also explains.

And that’s where CNN comes in.

The network’s nationwide correspondent Dianne Gallagher lectured viewers Tuesday (albeit not really that many of them) that  “ monkeypox is  NOT  a sexually-transmitted infection. ”

Gallagher added that” If the Biden administration wants its outreach to be a success, celebrating [pride] while educating, without discriminating, is the only way to approach this. ”


Following the technology? Not when it means ‘ creating a stigma’.

Earlier this month, contagious disease experts in Sweden  criticized   the country’s gay pride parade organizers for not being able to provide any information on monkeypox ahead of a march they warn could be a ‘ extremely spreader’ event.

The World Health Organization recently said that cases continue to distribute amongst “ men who may have sex with men, ” although after saying summertime festivals should be limited, they will later  clarified   that gay pride events should go ahead because normal.

Right after health authorities in San Francisco issued a public wellness emergency over monkeypox, gay and lesbian men were still prompted to attend the annual satisfaction parade as well as sex orgies.

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