October 6, 2022

Czech President Blames “Green Madness” For Energy Crisis

States abolition of gas vehicles will make it worse.

Czech President Miloš Zeman has blamed “ green madness” for the energy turmoil and warned that the cessation of cars with internal combustion engines will only extend the agony.

Zeman said the main cause of the crisis had not been the Ukraine war, but “ green fanaticism” which has left European countries dependent on power sources that cannot fulfill demand.

“ Whether it’s called the Green Deal or whatever, I’m afraid. However , I won’t be here any longer when we find out where the eco-friendly madness will take us, ” said Zeman.

“ The abolition associated with cars with internal combustion engines will lead to the advent of far more demanding electromobility. The biggest consumers of electrical power will be electric cars using a short range and a high price, ” he additional.

The comments had been made amidst controversy within the Czech Republic caused by brand new government regulations which require schools, hospitals, and families reduce their temperature by up to six degrees Celsius to save energy.

Owners of care homes for the elderly complained that old people cannot reside in a 20° C atmosphere without it posing the threat to their health.

“ It is not allowable for the elderly to spend 100 percent of their time in spaces from 20° C and beneath. It is life-threatening to shower frail seniors in a space heated to only 20° C when they get cold quickly, ” said Daniela Lusková, vice-president of the Association associated with Social Service Providers.

However , a spokesman for that Ministry of Health insisted that regulations were made in consultation with professional medical opinion.

Comparable rules have already been enforced in Germany, where thermostats in public buildings are being limited to 19 degrees Celsius, and in Spain , where at the height of summer, non-residential buildings can set the temperature no lower than 27° C.

Back in May, Italy began rationing electricity to ‘ support Ukraine’, with public buildings banned through running air conditioning at lower than 25° C or heating higher than 19° C.

As we highlighted previously, Spanish Defense Minister Margarita Robles has warned that will Europeans are about to endure a “ winter of great suffering” as a result of Russia completely suspending gas supplies throughout the freezing months.

As we document in the video below, the disastrous quest for ‘ net zero’ offers partly caused the energy crisis because it has left many countries dependent on energy sources which are not fit for purpose.

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