September 29, 2022

The situation for Freedom in Main and Eastern Europe

When the Soviet Union centered Eastern Europe, people there looked to the West—and specifically the USA—in hopes of freedom

In the previous articles I touched upon the question about issue of global American hegemony and its consequences for freedom.

Now let’s look at the issue from another perspective. Within the 1980s, Poland viewed the us as a country capable of beating the “ Evil Empire” (USSR) and thus sowing through the Soviet bloc ideas of freedom that were so close to societies tormented by the yoke of communism.

Today, Poland’s enthusiasm for that United States and its presence within Eastern Europe has not ceased. The latest  polls   confirm that more than 80 percent of Posts surveyed are in favor of a permanent presence of United states troops in Poland. And Poland is ready to pay for that will.

Ukraine, such as Poland once has no choice, believes today that the assist of one imperialism will help it liberate itself from other imperialism and thus build the freedom and security it desires. Freedom from geopolitical dependencies and geographic determinism. Basically, freedom from the monstrous affects of empires.

But the times are transforming, in the Western world too. Unfortunately, independence values in the Western world are subject to change by their own institutions and social revolution. So we need to be honest, the risk to Central and Eastern Europe comes not only from imperialistic Russian aggression, but also from potentially something which we are able to call as an illiberal liberalism, which is the common norm in the progressive federalization of the EUROPEAN UNION.

When getting into the Western world in its latest version, Ukraine must be ready to accept also the ideological agenda of certain beliefs currently hidden not only within the today’s United States, but also in the European Union. Taking into account its fairly conservative society, the process of receiving social solutions currently moving from the Western world, in the long term may be difficult for Ukrainians to accept. Ukraine’s integration with the European Union may over time, resemble that will experienced of countries like Poland and Hungary, which oppose the centralist options of Brussels.

Progressive theories, redefinition of the concept of the family, political correctness and oppressive institutional postmodernism in other social relations possibly mean that the pendulum of freedom, in which the countries of Central and Eastern Europe so strongly believed, once again leans toward oppressive despotism. The European Union is dominated simply by completely left-wing elites presently waging a cultural battle, and the values that are institutionally promoted are not fully approved by countries such as Poland or Hungary. There is thus a conflict within the EUROPEAN itself. A conflict involving the old union (Western countries) and the new union by means of the former Soviet bloc nations that joined it lately.

These are right after that the British writer and commentator Douglas Murray skillfully  described and offered , he explained that when the EU wants to endure, it must respect the particular otherness of Central and Eastern Europe. This distinction is due to the fact that Central and Eastern Europe was determined by the “ Soviet soldier’s rifle” for almost half a hundred years, while Western countries loved complete freedom.

These differences were also perfectly understood by President Donald J. Trump, exactly who during his visit to Belgium at Krasiń ski Square  referred   to the prayer acclamation which is close to Polish hearts: we would like God! This speech touched Polish hearts and today it is impossible to demonstrate a similar technique in the position of Later on Biden’s administration. Another important thing is to say that the Ukrainian issue  divided   Poland’s strong connections with Hungary.


Taking all the quarrels into account, it must be said that the particular Ukrainians chose the West, which, as we have already mentioned, is not a perfect, but gives for them a much better perspective for life than distribution to the Eastern satraps. Maybe Ukraine takes just a practical position in this case and guard freedom, turning to the EUROPEAN UNION and the US as the only available alternative.

Ukraine looks to the rich West and would like to join this particular category. Paradoxically, the vulnerable structures of political and economic statism give Ukraine a chance to triumph in a libertarian economic perspective while preserving their conservative values. In the face of difficult times, clashes associated with powers, the libertarian viewpoint in this region of the world should focus on getting the most out of it.

This is how Poland operated at the end of the eighties, and that is how Ukraine should act today. Even if, within the broader context, the Ukrainian-Russian conflict is in fact a clash between the American empire plus “ Russian mir, ” we must nevertheless view it being an attempt to move Ukraine toward complete independence and freedom because they chose to be with the West.

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