September 28, 2022

Watch: WH Press Sec. Jean-Pierre Can’t Explain How Student Loan ‘Forgiveness’ Will Be Paid For

Karine Jean-Pierre provides frantic word salad rather than breaking down which bracket associated with taxpayers will foot May well Biden’s $300 billion student loan forgiveness plan.

White House Press Admin Karine Jean-Pierre struggled to describe how Joe Biden’s $300 billion student loan forgiveness plan will be paid for.

Biden on Wednesday announced a unilateral initiative to forgive 10 dollars, 000 in outstanding student education loans for individuals who make less than $125, 000 annually without delivering details of how his $300 billion program will be financed and by who.

A reporter on Thurs pointed out the glaring omission to Jean-Pierre during a Whitened House press briefing:

“ Can you describe a little bit about how you men think it is fiscally responsible? Since you can’t say how much it’s going to cost. You can’t say just how it’s going to be paid for and you can not say exactly who is paying for the costs, ” he observed. “ How is it fiscally responsible? ”

Jean-Pierre, within her typical form, struggled to provide a straight answer.

“ The way that people are talking about it and what we’re trying to say, is usually we… the actions that we have used – and you see this with the way the deficit has been decreased – we have taken in only the last 19 months — I see that look that you are giving me there… ” she stammered.

The reporter cut this in: “ I hear that argument that you’ve taken previously fiscally responsible actions that give you more vibrate room… ”

“ Wait, wait, wait around, ” Jean-Pierre urged. “ Right. It gives us… simply no, no no no no, we, I mean, we may see this as fiscally irreponsible. ”

Without providing any details, she then claimed Biden’s student loan forgiveness program “ will be fully paid for due to the work that this president has been doing with the economy. ”

Currently, the Oughout. S. economy is in a recession.

That didn’t stop Jean-Pierre from sneaking in one more blatant lie, insisting that the economic climate “ is stronger than it’s been in some time. ”

Perhaps this particular explains why 87, 500 IRS agents are being hired: to collect enough middle class taxpayer cash to financing Biden’s $300 billion student loan forgiveness program.

After all, the Biden management claimed its Inflation Reduction Act recently signed into law was going to reduce the debt by $100 billion more than 10 years.

But now with this $300 billion system, it appears that the aim of the Pumpiing Reduction Act has been rendered moot and then some.

This may explain the reason why even Obama administration economist Jason Furman stated Biden’s student loan forgiveness plan amid the recessionary environment is “ reckless. ”

“ Pouring roughly half trillion dollars of gas on the inflationary fire that is already burning is careless, ” he tweeted Wed.

If Biden stopped constantly funneling billions of dollars to the failed condition of Ukraine, perhaps their administration could more easily fund their pipe dream initiatives.

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