October 2, 2022

Brits’ Energy Bills to Soar simply by Record 80% This Wintertime

This is a small price to pay to maybe, possibly beat Putin — or at least considerably slow down his takeover of eastern Ukraine.

Energy prices in Britain are set to triple for the average household this particular winter as anti-Russian sanctions and green energy ripoffs begin to take their cost.

From  Sky News :

Millions of households will see their energy bills rocket as the price cap is definitely hiked to £ a few, 549 ($4, 170) per year, plunging many into monetary hardship.

The record 80% October raise, announced by the regulator Ofgem, will see a typical default tariff customer paying an extra £ 1, 578 ($1, 854), laying bare the deepening cost of living crisis.

The rise follows a 54% increase in April, which usually saw average bills rise to £ 1, 971 ($2, 315) a year.

“ Energy prices across Europe possess surged, ” Bloomberg  reports . “ On Friday, European natural gas had been headed for its biggest every week gain in over two months, with prices rising to get a sixth consecutive week since Moscow squeezes supplies. German benchmark power prices with regard to next year rose above 800 euros ($800) per megawatt hour, nearly 10 times higher than the same period last year. France year-ahead power rose above 1, 000 euros for the first time. UNITED KINGDOM day-ahead electricity is trading at 10 times its two-decade average. ”

This is a small price to pay to maybe, possibly defeat Putin — or at least fairly slow down his takeover of eastern Ukraine.

Please remember, as Ukrainian president Zelensky told Us citizens last month,   your domestic concerns are usually “ nothing” compared to the needs of Ukrainians fighting for their lives and your help will never be “ sufficient” until Ukraine “ wins” the war.

Russians’ energy prices  are about one third (or less) those of the UK and EU   but  you aren’t allowed to buy energy from   because  the future of the Liberal Globe Order is at stake in this particular war.

Keep a stiff upper lip (metaphorically, that is, surround her in blankets and pack on layers to fight off the cold)!

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