September 29, 2022

Exact same ‘Ole Tricks: Mostly Redacted Trump Raid Affidavit Shows FBI Used Big Press As Justification

Meanwhile, that exact same FBI is EXPOSED meant for hiding Hunter Biden’s notebook, ignoring Joe Biden’s sleazy showers with his daughter within diary retrieval mission, plus giving Facebook censorship directives ahead of 2020 election.

Kristi Leigh breaks down the absurdly redacted Trump Raid Affidavit Revelations (a whole lot of nothing), how the FBI is certainly EXPOSED for hiding Hunter Biden’s laptop, ignoring May well Biden’s sleazy showers together with his daughter in diary retrieval mission, and giving Facebook censorship directives.

Meanwhile, Biden’s disastrous financial debt forgiveness voting bribe is certainly unconstitutional, Fauci is trying to evade accountability while gathering a taxpayer-funded paycheck, plus Jill Biden is COVID positive AGAIN despite taking the super safe and effective clot shot 4 times.

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