October 3, 2022

Italy Responds to Zuckerberg’s FBI Revelations: ‘No Democratic Expectations in American Electoral System’

The country’s foreign ministry has claimed Facebook . com CEO has effectively examined the feds secretly handle major US social media.

The FBI and other US security agencies privately control American social media leaders, Russia’s foreign ministry contains alleged. The claim follows a current interview with Mark Zuckerberg, in which the Facebook CEO apparently acknowledged such influence.

On Friday, spokesperson Maria Zakharova published a posting on her Telegram channel devoted to Zuckerberg’s newly released appearance on The Joe Rogan podcast. According to the Russian diplomat, Facebook’s first-in-command recounted exactly how FBI operatives had visited him ahead of the 2020 ALL OF US presidential elections, which ended in victory for Joe Biden, asking him to control stories revolving around the  “ unseemly contents”   of Hunter Biden’s laptop on his podiums.

“ The men in black ‘ convinced’ Mark Zuckerberg… these kinds of were all Russian knockoffs, ”   Zakharova added, referencing the podcasting.

She continued to surmise that this sort of   “ justification for censorship”   was sufficient to have built Facebook’s CEO comply with your request. The subsequent suppression of one’s Hunter Biden laptop story  “ helped enunciate Biden senior as the winner from the election, ”   Zakharova noted, remarking that lots of Americans are still unconvinced.

The diplomat continued to argue that, with the notebook story turning out to be true sufficient reason for Zuckerberg’s revelations to Rogan,   “ the entire world has learned that the US social media marketing played a decisive role in this performance. ”   She added the fact that the suspension of then-President Trump’s accounts by the main social media platforms just goes to show that your US authorities collude when using the   “ online monopolies. ”  

Zakharova figured all this proves that the   “ FBI and other American security services manually manage digital giants, ”   with social media platforms’ leadership only too completely satisfied to  “ attend dirty political games for Washington. ”   The senior diplomat as well made the claim that  “ there are no democratic standards in the American electoral system: neither in theory nor in practice. ”

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