October 3, 2022

Bay area Shop Owners Threaten To Stop Paying Taxes Unless City Tackles Crime, Homelessness

Business owners in San Francisco’ s Castro district  have absolutely had it  with the city’ s inaction over burglaries, vandalism, and violent homeless people outdoor camping on the sidewalks in front of storefronts and residences. As the  American Thinker‘ s Olivia Murray notes: San Francisco has an established reputation as a capital for fringe culture and leftism, much of which converges in the […]#@@#@!!

Business owners in San Francisco’s Castro district  have totally had it  with the city’s inaction over burglaries, vandalism, and violent homeless people camping on the sidewalks before storefronts and residences.

As the  American Thinker ‘ s Olivia Murray notes:

Bay area has an established reputation being a capital for fringe culture and leftism, much of which usually converges in the enclave of Castro.     The very first “ Drag Queen Tale Hour” event ever took place in the Harvey Milk Funeral Branch Library in the community and was “ properly received. ”

Now, under Democrat leadership, the iconically left local community is ready to take drastic steps toward radical American patriotism.     Three days ago, the  San Francisco Chronicle  reported :

For years, business owners in San Francisco’s Castro district have complained to city officials that will homeless people struggling with mental illness and drug dependancy have wreaked havoc over the neighborhood. Now, merchants state the situation has gotten therefore bad that  these people threatening to possibly cease paying city taxes plus fees  [emphasis added].

The risk arises from a letter drafted and sent to city authorities by the Castro Merchants Organization on August 8.     According to co-president Dork Karraker, if the calls are neglected, the response will be civil disobedience, including refusal to pay taxes.

Karraker said:

If the city can’t provide the basic services for them [businesses] to become a successful company, then what are we spending money on?   You can’t possess a vibrant, successful business corridor when you have people passed away high on drugs, littering your own sidewalk.

No, no, you can’t, which is why conservatives suggest  not   incentivizing criminality and drug use, nor electing D. The. s who hail through domestic terrorists and despise law and order like  Chesa Boudin .

Needless to say, is actually likely the irony is definitely lost upon the occupants and proprietors of Castro.     The very spirit they oppose in plan — revolutionary freedom from the yoke of taxation and anti-tyrannical government — could be the very spirit they’re on the verge of embracing.

The leftists in Castro appear to be halfway right now there. The government exists for one objective, and that is to secure unalienable rights. One of those rights is house ownership, and between 2019 and 2020, storeowners saw a distinct rise in “ robberies and vandalism”, and in Castro, “ the merchants organization recorded more than 90 occurrences totaling over $170, 1000 in repair costs given that 2020[.]” When the government fails to safeguard our rights, it forfeits its legitimacy and authority to govern.

Karraker added, “ Until we all see demonstrable change, everything is on the table, including municipal disobedience[.]”     I can’t believe I am saying this, but I believe I actually have something in accordance with the San Francisco Marxists, and I applaud their initiative.

And as  Silvio Canto Jr.   writes in the  Thinker :

We spoke with a friend that went to San Francisco, and he couldn’t believe the general decay of a once wonderful city.     He did not like Los Angeles, either.

So  it’s great to see that business owners are usually drawing the line .     Put the issue within the laps of the elected officials, and use your taxes like a weapon.     After all, you are paying for the police, and it is the political class tying their hands.

Thumbs up for these  business owners in Castro.

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