September 29, 2022

GOP Gov. Sununu Accuses DOJ of Politically Targeting Trump: ‘You Think This is a Coincidence’ Just Before Midterms?

“If you’re likely to take unprecedented action plus raid a former president’s house, you better have a technique for unprecedented transparency, ” says New Hampshire governor.

Conservative Governor Chris Sununu (N. H. ) came to previous President Donald Trump’s protection on Sunday, claiming it had been no coincidence the FBI raided Mar-a-Lago just weeks before the midterm elections.

Sununu, who is previously been an outspoken critic of Trump, joined CNN to lay out the way the FBI’s Mar-a-Lago raid seems to be blatantly politically motivated.

“ If you’re likely to take unprecedented action and raid a former president’s house, you better have a technique for unprecedented transparency, ” Sununu told host Dana Party. “ I think we’re all concerned about what might be in these documents. Some were categorized, some weren’t, what the serious nature was, but display us! You’ve gotta to be able to show your cards giving up cigarettes taking actions like this. ”

This individual continued: “ This has already been a year and a half in the producing. Former President Trump continues to be out of office for happening two years now. You think this is a coincidence just happening a couple of months before the midterm elections and everything that sort of thing? Therefore , you know, this is unprecedented. That they had to have an unprecedented strategy, that they clearly didn’t have. These types of on their heels. They don’t understand what to do. We want to see the info so we can have this conversation, we can talk about the subject matter with some sense. ”

Bash pushed back again, insisting the FBI’s seizure of classified documents on Mar-a-Lago was related to U. S. intelligence and national security risks, but Sununu countered that nobody really knows what the documents are usually about.

“ No one seems to, ” Sununu noted. “ What’s the topic matter? What’s the times? What’s the times? What are we talking about here? … I’m not saying put all the documents on the Internet, but provide us some sense from the subject matter. Give us several sense of the timing. Provide us some sense of what really drove us in there. ”

Sununu went on to criticize the Department of Proper rights for releasing a heavily redacted version of the affidavit justifying the FBI’s raid, calling it a pointless exercise because it’s “ almost all redacted. ”

“ I think I speak for everyone when we’re all pretty disappointed to see it had been almost all redacted, ” the governor said. “ I actually get you got to redact certain things here and there, but you acquired pages upon pages on pages redacted to the point to say, well, what’s the purpose? ”

Analysis judge granted Trump’s motion on Saturday to find a special master to review the documents seized by the FBI to determine which ones are guarded by attorney-client privilege plus executive privilege, which would prevent the DOJ from using them in the witch hunt investigation.

Watch the full Sununu interview:

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